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Call & Conversation Tagging

Boost your lead management with Call & Conversation Tagging! Easily categorize and track important calls and contacts using tags. Stay organized, never miss a valuable lead, and efficiently manage your communication.

Call Notes

ZIWO Level up your client experience with Call Notes! Remember every detail, and create personalized connections.



Multiple Channels, One license!

By using ZIWO Conversations, you will have one single platform for calls and WhatsApp, so you can simplify your communication setup! This means less hassle and fewer costs associated with managing multiple systems.

Pay for What You Need!

ZIWO let you adjust your resources based on demand. So you can easily scale up or down without paying for unnecessary features or staff.



Don’t let Messages Go Unanswered!

Messages are automatically passed on to another skilled agent, ensuring a prompt response and keeping the convo flowing. Say goodbye to delays and hello to efficient customer support!

Transfer Conversations

Effortlessly transfer conversations, including calls, WhatsApp messages, and complete history, notes, and shared files, to colleagues, supervisors, or managers with ZIWO. Streamline collaboration, maintain context, and provide exceptional customer service. 


Empower Agents with Profiles

Support your agents and provide them with the knowledge they need for exceptional customer service! ZIWO Conversations create a 360° customer view that improves CX and drives revenue! Empower your agents with Customer Profiles! Instant access to customer conversation history, along with previous files, tags, and notes!  

Questions & Answers


Can I send attachments and files to customers through ZIWO conversations using WhatsApp?

Certainly! ZIWO conversations enable agents to seamlessly exchange documents and files with customers via WhatsApp, enhancing the overall communication experience.


What is the maximum number of messages that an agent can send on WhatsApp?

Agents can send a large number of messages, up to 4000 per month for FREE on WhatsApp. This gives them plenty of opportunities to communicate effectively with customers.


What is the process for upgrading our existing ZIWO version to ZIWO Conversations?

Schedule a session with your Customer Success and we’ll update your ZIWO for you. All done remotely within few minutes!!

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« Adding WhatsApp to our ZIWO account led to a significant 10% revenue boost.»

Omar Ismail

Head of Marketing