Better Call Vince

Better Call Vince - Improve your call center

Wondering about how to improve your Call Center? Our expert Vince will give you for free the best tips to build a state-of-the-art organization. Real life testing, quick wins, new tools, organization recommendations, all the keys to improve your operations!

Vince is passionate to help elevate the level of customer experience in the region! 

He worked for industry giants from the USA like Sprint and eBay where he implemented a new benchmark for customer experience and best practices for large scale call centers.

From the start-up side, Vince worked for startups like Washmen and MUNCH:ON (Acquired by Careem) and built their support teams from the ground up with scalable strategies.

Book now your slot with Vince and receive a free 30 min online consultation. If you need more time Vince will also come for free in person to your office to do a deeper research and present you all his recommendations!