Business case: Customer Support

Sparkle your car

About company: is an innovative carwash service based in KSA which provides expert car cleaning on location, offering an unprecedented level of service.

This mobile carwash station saves time, leaves no waste behind and the team will send a picture of the cleaned-up vehicle before leaving.

Of course, to maintain a high quality of service, it is essential to provide a reactive support, meanwhile keeping operational costs low. The chosen model was to employ experienced freelancers, working from home, to answer customer requests.


  • Agents should need no specific hardware
  • No technical knowledge and minimal training should be required
  • Service should be accessible from anywhere for agents and supervisors
  • Call quality should be optimal
  • Complete monitoring
  • A scalable solution to follow the company growth

Solution: ZIWO is easy to set up, use and manage. It requires a Chrome web browser and a headset, no software to install, no hardware to maintain. Your ZIWO instance is deployed on world-class hosting services for optimal uptime and call quality. It is based on Material Design guidelines with an intuitive and eye-catching user interface, your agents are ready to handle requests in minutes (literally). It offers a complete overview, recordings, and control over your customer service. Fully customizable dashboards and widgets for clean and efficient display of essential information, detailed exportable statistics, and easy access and filtering of call recording for a full 360° view. It is greatly scalable with a clear pricing policy, supervisors can adapt their use by adding agents to accommodate a peak of activity and remove some on a down season.

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