Call Masking

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Call masking is a convenient tool to connect customers and external partners without revealing the caller and/or receiver phone number, substituting those with one of your own, usually your contact center main contact.


You thus preserve the personal data of your users and limit the possibilities of contacts outside of your platform.

Case Studies

API integration

By remaining at the center of communications, you offer simplified exchanges between participants. ZIWO’s API integrations give you the opportunity to create innovative services while reducing the involvement of your agents.

For instance, using a dedicated number for each order can put customers in contact with the right person without human intervention.

Complete monitoring

ZIWO’s monitoring tools, voice recordings, and call reports ensure a complete monitoring of the interactions between your customers and service providers to manage complaints or check the quality of service of service providers.

Call masking for a marketplace service

As a platform linking independent professionals and customers (services, delivery, transport, etc.),
it will often be necessary to allow participants to communicate directly in order to ensure an efficient service.

For instance, if the customer would have to change a meeting point or give extra information to the service provider, by simply dialing the call number of the platform, the relevant order would be identified (by a customer service agent, tracking number input [IVR], use of a temporary number, and the call automatically transferred to the provider’s mobile phone.

The latter receives a call indicating the platform call number, a preliminary message (text-to-speech) informs him of the number and/or status of the request/orderand the call transfer is activated.

Similarly, if the service provider would need to reach a customer, a similar process may allow the service provider to get in contact with the right person, without exchanging phone contacts and with a unique contact number for every order placed via the platform.

Benefit for the client Benefit for the service provider
Protection of personal data A unique number for all incoming / outgoing platform related communications
A single contact number Access to order information before call transfer
A simple process to be connected with the right person

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