Al Ain Pharmacy Triples Monthly Call Volume with ZIWO 🚀 🚀

13 - Jun - 2023

Committed to Delivering Quality Healthcare Services

Established in 1976, Al Ain Pharmacy has earned a reputable status in the UAE healthcare market, emerging as a top pharmacy retail chain for over 40 years. With an extensive network of more than 50 healthcare and retail facilities across the United Arab Emirates, they cater to a daily clientele of over 5000 individuals, consistently excelling in the pharmaceutical and commercial sectors.

“We Tripled Our Monthly Call Volume to 30k with the Same Agent Capacity”.

Recognizing the significance of delivering world-class service to meet customer expectations, the pharmacy strategically implemented ZIWO’s cloud contact center solution. As a result, the pharmacy experienced a remarkable transformation in its call center operations. With the same agent capacity, ZIWO’s powerful features and capabilities enabled the pharmacy to triple its monthly call volume from 10k to 30k. The seamless transition to ZIWO revolutionized the pharmacy’s customer assistance, allowing them to optimize client interactions and provide unparalleled services.

ZIWO significantly improved agent productivity at Al Ain Pharmacy’s call canter through its user-friendly interface, efficient call management capabilities, real-time performance monitoring, comprehensive reporting, and analytics tools.

By incorporating intuitive design into the platform, it significantly reduced learning curves and enabled agents and pharmacists to navigate seamlessly. Consequently, this enhancement led to a notable increase in efficiency.

Equipped with advanced call management features, agents and pharmacists efficiently handle incoming and outgoing calls, optimizing their time and ensuring a smooth call flow. Moreover, real-time performance monitoring enables supervisors to track key metrics, provide proactive coaching, and identify areas for improvement.

At The End

Being a prominent healthcare provider in the UAE, Al Ain Pharmacy takes immense pride in its unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare services. In their relentless pursuit of maintaining the highest standards across all aspects of their operations, the pharmacy embarked on a quest for a solution that would not only optimize their efficiency but also surpass customer expectations.

By leveraging ZIWO, a powerful cloud contact center solution, they successfully streamlined their operations and enhanced agent efficiency. With the seamless integration of ZIWO, the pharmacy experienced a remarkable transformation in its customer service capabilities. The use of transition words helps provide a smooth flow of information and coherence in the paragraph.

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