AlSaif Gallery: ZIWO Cloud Contact Center Solution Is the Best option For Retail & E-Commerce

01 - Nov - 2022

Al-Saif Gallery Online Shopping provides you with the best offers, the latest deals for home appliances, and access to the latest products and a wide range of the best household appliances and tools that every home needs, competitive prices, and designs that satisfy everyone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ZIWO Cloud Contact Center software for e-commerce enables optimal interaction capability across multiple channels for the best e-commerce experience for customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Saif Gallery is able to build lasting, profitable customer connections with ZIWO cloud contact center solutions, and they are able to communicate with their clients smoothly.

ZIWO assists Al-Saif Gallery’s new or existing online customers when they encounter questions or challenges they may have throughout the customer journey. It is the goal of the customer service team at Al-Saif Gallery to provide a hassle-free, shopping experience.

ZIWO helped Al-Saif Gallery in finding out all the ways a customer would interact with their brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide assistance for them throughout the digital customer journey. This could mean answering their questions directly over the phone, or on the brand’s website, etc.

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