Call Masking: Delivery Fleet

22 - Nov - 2019



ABOUT COMPANY: RIDE4ALL is a Delivery Fleet company offering door to door car pick up and drop service for clients in the MENA region. More than 1500 on road drivers are available in the Middle-East and Africa region offering personal and corporate services.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: As a company that needs to deliver onsite pick up and drop services, it is mandatory to call the customer in order to reach his exact location on time. For this last mile issue, the telephone is the most efficient means of communication.

In order to ensure the safety of customers and to avoid direct visibility of driver’s personal contact number with client one would want it to be recorded and monitored for ensuring security, traceability and quality.

ZIWO CALL MASKING SOLUTION: Directly activated from your app via API, ZIWO call masking platform will call both the driver and the customer and make the connection. Both numbers will stay invisible to each party, avoiding off-platform calls. As any call made by ZIWO, call recordings, logs and statistics are available online with secured personal access, or via API to connect your preferred BI solution.




STEP 1: (Click2Call) This endpoint initiates a0adc5080ca4 a call to the logged in agent (identified by the access token passed)

STEP 2: Upon agent receiving the call, it makes an outgoing call from the agent to the given external number.

STEP 3: Agent needs to be a roaming agent so that the call get diverted to his mobile phone


STEP 1: (Click 2 IVR) This initiates a call to external number given

STEP 2: upon receiving, it plays the given IVR (identified by the hash) and proceeds based on the IVR rules


SOLUTION BENEFITS: Ziwo Call masking services utilises Click2Call feature and results in win-win situation for the Company, Cab Driver and most importantly the Customer.

  • Full monitoring and recording of the calls
  • Enforcement of the process
  • No more stolen data


  • A unique and known number calling
  • A simple button click to get connected with the right person
  • Access to the order information before call transfer for better execution


  • Protection of personal data
  • A simple button click to get connected with the right person
  • A unique and known number calling

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