Call Tracking: DIGIGEAR

02 - Mar - 2020




ABOUT COMPANY: DIGIGear is an online service that shows you where your phone leads come from. Basically, it’s a tracking solution to show if a lead came from a print ad, an online ad, or another source.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: As a company that overlooks the marketing needs and ROI of its client’s marketing budget one needs to ensure accurate end-to-end call management and tagging is done in real time. For this critical business marketing model, one needs to have a robust & advanced backend call center solution.

ZIWO CALL TRACKING SOLUTION: ZIWO offers a complete overview, recordings, and control over your customer service. Fully customizable dashboards and widgets for clean and efficient display of essential information, detailed exportable statistics, and easy access and filtering of call recording for a full 360° view. Directly activated from your app via API, ZIWO call tracking platform will operate seamlessly with all its superpowers such as automize call routing, call recording, campaign tracking functions providing real-time quality of service analysis.

call tracking solution



SOLUTION BENEFITS: Ziwo Call tracking feature includes Automize Call Routing & tracking services to effectively track the productivity of a marketing campaign.


  • Full monitoring and recording of the calls
  • Real-time quality of service analysis
  • Dedicated number by product/service
  • No more stolen data


  • Protection of personal data
  • Simple and efficient database to track marketing ROI
  • A unique and known number calling

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