FlexxPay: It’s Easy To Use & Quick to Set up, ZIWO Delivers Fancy Features and Advanced Capabilities

25 - Feb - 2022

Dubai-headquartered fintech FlexxPay is an instant pay platform for businesses. FlexxPay is transforming employer-employee dynamics by enabling staff and pensioners to access a portion of their earned income whenever they want and wherever they are. FlexxPay offers a diverse number of budgeting and savings tools as well.

In a traditional pay cycle, an employee gets paid the salary at the end of each month. This method of paying employees is failing many average-paid workers.

More than 50% of the workforce live from payday to payday, unable to cover unexpected expenses that come up during a month. For many, that means skipping meals, selling possessions, taking on any extra work, or going through extreme measures. This problem deserves a solution. It’s the reason why FlexxPay do what they do.

FlexxPay mission is to fix the pay frequency problem at its root by providing businesses and their employees with an instant payment platform. The company empower those who need it the most to access a portion of their already earned income whenever they need it. FlexxPayvision is simple – bring financial security, dignity, and savings to the millions experiencing financial stress.

This platform is a leading platform for financial services within the region!

Read This Article about Flexxpay and about how ZIWO solution helped in their expansion.

FlexxPay Launches Telesales Centre in Lebanon


For More Details About The Company, Click Here!

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