Huff & Puff Burger Restaurant – ZIWO Software Allows Our Team to Offer Excellent Service and Support to Customers Everyday!

06 - Jun - 2022


Huff & Puff Burger

ZIWO allows Huff & Puff Burger Restaurant’s in-house team to focus more on productivity and core tasks, reducing distractions. Furthermore, ZIWO’s convenience enhances the customer experience by allowing for personalized service. This is a key aspect that customers prefer, as they seek immediate attention to their needs and concerns, especially when ordering food or making bookings over the phone.

Additionally, the food delivery service has become increasingly popular and in-demand. Every day, thousands of customers take advantage of this convenient option, as they can enjoy delicious food without having to visit a restaurant. In other words, the food delivery service provides a convenient and accessible alternative.

Why it’s Important?

Conveniently, you can submit the request in several ways – on the website or by calling the specified phone number. Not only that, but this application must also be accepted, verified, and entered into your software. That is why the connection of an outsourcing call center for a restaurant is so relevant today.

Our call center software is a great assistant in the work of the ordering service.

Moreover, the call center software provides all statistical data to admin users, allowing them to easily request information about the KPI’s for their call center agents. In addition, they can easily view call records, including the duration of calls, and waiting time for an operator’s response, and listen to call recordings. This makes it simple for admin users to monitor and assess the performance of their call center agents and ensure they are providing optimal service to customers.

Huff & Puff boasts many restaurants in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, and Oman! The menu has a variety of options to suit everyone’s requirements.

To know more about Huff & Puff chain of restaurants, please visit their website here!


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