Invygo: ZIWO is Our Golden Ticket For a Better Customer Experience

21 - Apr - 2022

Indigo car rental provides outstanding customer experience and the finest of both worlds! In addition, it is not required to pay large deposits for rentals, and the quality of the vehicles is amazing!

Invygo has a team of customer service agents who assist clients with their inquiries. They needed Cloud Call Center Software to improve their customer service level and establish a top-level customer experience. Their collaboration with ZIWO began years ago and they’re building better customer relationships on daily basis using our solution.

Phones have connected humans in a true sense. Invygo car rental application is utilizing this power to elevate customer service. Because of this, the customers no longer have to wait or go to the counter to collect the keys, whereas the car rental companies do not have to allocate a person to hand over the keys.

Customer support can be a key aspect of the car rental business to increase the customer base. Not to mention, in a highly competitive landscape, business owners must proactively resolve customer issues and provide the best services. They can use chatbots to answer customers’ queries, and moreover, to send real-time notifications about the fault in the car, etc.

Customers expect an end-to-end omnichannel experience while availing of the car rental service, and in the digital age, this is entirely possible through multiple channels including phone, WhatsApp, and SMS.

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