Konvexe: How ZIWO Software Delivers a Genuine Added Value To Companies & Customers.

28 - Feb - 2022

Konvexe is a next-generation technology company that understands that there is a need for a new approach to help organizations adopt change and start a new approach to doing business.  Arindam Baruah the CEO & CO-Founder of Konvexe, speaks about how ZIWO software delivers added value for companies.

Digital Transformation has taken the front seat in the last couple of years. Its definition is still not understood by many and this has led to lot of confusion. The emphasis started getting into the Digital part rather than the transformation part. We understand the distinct differentiation between disruption, adaptation, and transformation which can be achieved with technology. This is an integrated journey that is continuous and will evolve as and when the business models keep changing. Our consulting approach is to help businesses transform in segments and lead to an overall transformation.

Konvexe has aided global enterprises to reach new heights. They offer an opportunity to replace the upfront capital expenditures for setting up on-premise infrastructure consisting of servers, networking hardware, software, etc. It helps replace the expenditure spent on installation, configuration, testing, maintenance and fixing scalability issues of on-premise infrastructure.

Using cloud computing solutions users need to just log in to their accounts and manage their hardware and software infrastructure. Easy Accessibility, Cost Reduction, Shared Infrastructure, Quick Provisioning, Horizontal Scaling, Efficient Maintenance and Quick Updates, Improved Security, Abundant File Storage, and Multi-tenancy are some of the major benefits of Cloud technology.

These solutions help startups to enterprises set up cost-effective, flexible and scalable cloud computing solutions for their business challenges that are not confined to their boundaries and empower their business growth by minimizing infrastructure costs.

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