Reduces Product Returns & Uses business Case: Insurance Policy Bee & Ziwo

16 - Dec - 2018



ABOUT COMPANY: PolicyBee is an insurance client offering multiple life, health and career related policies for clients in MENA region. More than 1500 field sales agents in the Middle-East and Africa region (18 countries) visit individuals, private business, clinics & hospitals every day to promote their insurance policies.

OPPORTUNITY: Every policy has a limited expiration time between 1-5 years after which needs to be renewed in order to remain valid as well as to upgrade.

IMPLEMENTATION: Agent gets a popup whenever expiry date of an existing policy holder is approaching via setting up corresponding ziwo API module and therefore can setup automatic call backs through ziwo outbound campaign module.

Real time KPI monitoring and direct integration with the CRM system lets this process be followed seamlessly. With on the go Mobile App supervisor can keep a constant watch on the progress of the campaign and can attend to calls or enquiries which require immediate assistance.


  • Server: The server is software or hardware that provides a service by responding to requests across a network.
  • Web Service: Web Service is used to describe an API that is accessible over the internet through HTTP.
  • API Key: An authorization code passed in to an API request via a header or parameter to identify the requester.
  • Authentication: Identifying the user of the API. Common techniques for authentication include API Keys and OAuth.
  • Parameter: A parameter is an argument sent to the API which helps define the request and expected response.
  • Proxy: An intermediary for requests from clients and servers providing resources.
  • SSL: A cryptographic protocol that secures traffic on the internet.
  • GitHub: GitHub is a development platform inspired by collaboration. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside 36 million developers.

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