SIVVI Is Using Ziwo APIs To Develop Services

02 - Nov - 2020


Ziwo APIs - SIVVI Ecommerce

ABOUT COMPANY: Being an active eCommerce company in 6 countries where cash on delivery payments are common, it was essential to develop a smooth process of order confirmation, by phone, to limit product returns fees. Here we will be talking about Ziwo APIs that are used by  SIVVI Ecommerce, and that to help their dedicated team to be sent abroad to place calls, raising several questions such as:

  • How to set up a telephony solution without hardware expenses or maintenance?
  • How could their back-end system interact with CTI software?
  • Could it be possible for agents to avoid using separate systems?
  • How would a SIVVI supervisor be able to monitor this service remotely?

CHALLENGE: Keeping complex systems as transparent for the user as possible, Ziwo APIs library offered an efficient answer to keep all interactions under one system and provide smooth workflow-for agents with functions like:

  • Auto login
  • Click-to-call
  • Embedded Web dialer
  • Call reports

The ZIWO API documentation made it simple and the functions were quickly integrated into SIVVI current back-end systems without any difficulty.

SOLUTION: With Ziwo, SIVVI is sure to have the right tools to scale up its operations, adding new contact centers where they require it and designing innovative services to ensure great customer service.What about your project?

We will be glad to hear about your specific needs and to provide advice on how Ziwo could enhance your phone services.

Ziwo APIs - SIVVI Ecommerce

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