The White Boutique: ZIWO Allows Quick And Easy Integration With Other Applications

02 - Nov - 2022

The White Boutique team has experience in handling mega events such as grand product launches, celebration events, and many other talk-of-the-town events. Clients need to share their event plans with their business and they can get some really creative ideas for their management.
The White Boutique offers event management, catering, and flower arrangement services.

“With a ZIWO cloud call center, you don’t need to worry that the software will shut down and leave you and your clients frustrated. ZIWO is a cloud-based platform, and it has triple redundancy, multiple backups, and storage of data in the cloud, added Mohamed Al Banai, the CEO of The White Boutique.

They use ZIWO to handle the heavy volume of inbound and outbound phone calls on a daily basis. In addition, it provided the business with greater versatility in their working conditions, agents experience tremendous efficiency after they started using ZIWO cloud solution.

The White Boutique also provides catering services, they can adapt to their client’s needs in many ways. They may adjust menus for dietary considerations or any specific requirements so on for special-event rental.

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