Dynamics 365 CRM Configuration with CTI App

Dynamics 365 CRM, CIF and CTI Configuration 

Objective: Enabling CIF, Configuring CIF Framework on D365 CRM and Installing the CRM-Ziwo CTI Solution on Customer’s Instance.


  1. Must have Dynamics 365 CRM License procured.
  2. Target system must have Dynamics 365 CRM Online Customer Engagement Enterprise environment
  3. Sandbox / Production environments with Service Module configured.
  4. CIF – Channel Integration Framework is used as platform for CTI, so need to enable following steps.
  5. Email Integration – configuration of mailbox, exchange server etc. (Outlook or Gmail as per customer preference).
1. Installing the CIF (Channel Integration Framework) for CTI Integration 

Follow below document released by Microsoft to enable/install the CIF from Microsoft’s Marketplace

Or follow below link.


Once above setup are completed on D365 CRM Instance, you can start with the configuring in Dynamics 365 CRM Instance for CTI following below steps.

Browse the URL and click on "Get It Now"

Connect with the Organization Instance, select on which instance CIF needs to install. Select the agreement checkbox.

Click on Agree Button, it will start configuring the CIF on the selected instance of Dynamics 365.

Once the installation is completed will be highlighted as below and activated on CRM. Now its ready to use for CTI Integration.

Follow further steps for Installing the CRM-Ziwo CTI Application Solution.

2. Installation of Ziwo CTI Plug-In Application (CRM Solution) 

Follow the standard solution deployment steps to install ZiwoCTI Integration Plug-In solution on D365 CRM Instance.

Solution Name

Find the ZiwoCRMCTIIntegration_1_0_0_1_managed.zip

Login to D365 CRM Instance (Sandbox / Production) using the admin credentials, on home screen find the settings icon.

Select "Advance Settings"

Click the down-arrow next to settings, and select "Solution"

Click on the “Import” icon on Solution toolbar and browse the file.

Follow below installation process & click "next".

Click on “Import” button, will start installing the solution on D365 CRM Instance.

It will complete the installation.

Once the solution is installed successfully, can find the security roles “Ziwo CTI Administrator” and “Ziwo CTI Agent” under the security settings.

Role Assignment to User

Assign the “Ziwo CTI Administrator” role to user Id which you will use to configure the CTI application, alternatively can be configured by System Administrator ID of organization (Dynamics 365 CRM) as well.

Assign the “Ziwo CTI Agent” role to the agent user Id, who will be accessing CRM for daily operations.

3. Configure Channel Provider on CIF 

Browse the URL https://home.dynamics.comand find the Application named "Channel Integration Framework"

It will open the application and will show similar screen.

Note: If you do not see the above screen, can click on “Channel Provider” from the left navigation

Now click on “ + New ” button from top ribbon (toolbar), to create a record

Fill-up the details referring below screen and enter the details.

Name: Ziwo CTI Channel Provider

Label: Customer Interactions by Ziwo

Channel URL: https://ziwoctiuat.crm4.dynamics.com//WebResources/ispl_ZiwoCTIWebResource

Replace the URL “ziwoctiuat.crm4.dynamics.com” with Customer’s Dynamics 365 CRM domain.

Enable Outbound Communication: Yes

Channel Order : 1

API Version: 1.0

Select Unified Interface Apps for the Channel : “Ziwo CTI Sandbox”

Select the Roles for the Channel : “Ziwo CTI Agent” “Ziwo CTI Administrator”

4. Configure Ziwo Plug-In by Administrator App 

Login to D365 CRM accessing the following URL.


Locate the application “Ziwo CTI Admin”

Select the Ziwo CTI Admin application and will open as below.

Navigate to “Ziwo Configuration” from left panel and click on “+ New” to configure the Admin part of CTI.

Fill the Ziwo Instance details and Ziwo Admin User’s credentials.

  • Contact Center Name
  • Default Country
  • Admin Credentials

Save the record and will auto populate the URL’s for integration.

Now we will be setting up the Agents and associate the same with the CTI Plug-In for accessing on CRM.

Click on the button highlighted “ … “ and click on “+ New Ziwo CTI Agent”, and will open the form as below.

Fill the details for Agent, Agent’s username / password following the screencast.

5. Accessing the CRM – Ziwo CTI Plug-In 

Once the agents are configured in CRM and appropriate Security Role is assign to users, will be able to access the Plug In on CRM Screens.

Login to https://home.dynamics.com/

Find the App named “Ziwo CTI Sandbox”

Click on it and will launch the application to operate in CRM.

Follow the features to make Outbound and Inbound calls, record the details, create case/ticket for the customer and update the information on call.

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