Dynamics 365 CRM Integration with Ziwo

ZIWO Plugin for MS Dynamics 365 CRM Online is an easy-to-use application that allows MS Dynamics CRM users to use the main features of Ziwo directly through the CRM. Using a Ziwo dial-pad designed for MS Dynamics CRM, users can consume Ziwo Contact Center services without having to separately log in to different pages. blank

Dynamics 365 CRM, Ziwo CTI User Manual

Objective: CTI Integration of ZIWO with Dynamics 365 CRM. Functions of CTI with Click-to-call, Manage Customer Profile, Cases on the call.

Pre-Requisites for CTI Application.

1. Must have Dynamics 365 CRM License procured
2. Target system must have Dynamics 365 CRM Online Customer Engagement Enterprise environment
3. Sandbox / Production environments with Service Module configured.
4. CIF – Channel Integration Framework is used as platform for CTI, so need to enable following steps.
5. Email Integration – configuration of mailbox, exchange server etc. (Outlook or Gmail as per customer preference).

Accessing the CRM – Ziwo CTI Plug-In

Once the agents are configured in CRM and appropriate Security Role is assign to users, will be able to access the Plug In on CRM Screens.

Login to https://home.dynamics.com

MS DynamicsFind the App named “Ziwo CTI Sandbox”

Click on it and will launch the application to operate in CRM

Microsoft DynamicsFollow the features to make Outbound and Inbound calls, record the details, create case/ticket for the customer and update the information on call.

1) Navigate to the Contact entity form the left panel.

Microsoft Dynamics

2) Open and Contact record, here will allow to place Outbound (Click-to-Call) feature.

MS Dynamics

3)Click on the Business Phone field ICON (Ziwo) to place Outbound calls / Click-to-Call.

MS Dynamics

OR directly dial the Phone Number from the ZIWO Plug-In


Call is place and when connected, system will be searching the Profile by phone number and will list the matching customer’s profile.


4) If there is only one matching profile, will popup the Contact form in new window.

MS Dynamics

This allows agents to capture the notes under timeline, and fill up the required details while discussion with Customer

5) Hangup the call, a case form will popup.


6) Agent will create case and Save.

Last conversation will be listed on Case Form under conversation tab.


User can play the recording on case for future reference.

7) Same will appear on Contact form under Conversation tab.

MS Dynamics

It displays all the past conversations as well. Click on ‘Load More” and will list all the history.


8) Same works for the Inbound calls, when customer calls to the Agent and System will show the Inbound call on CRM to attend.

9) Above all functions are same for Inbound as well.