Call Tracking

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Have you ever considered a phone number could be more than just a convenient way to reach your team and services?
The choice of your numbers may appear as secondary when deploying a contact center and, in many cases, a single number will be favored to reach customer service or the company switchboard. 
But what if we asked more of our contact numbers?


ZIWO offer tools to use your local and premium numbers as a vector of satisfaction for your customers and prospects.

Automatize call routing

By identifying the number used by the caller, ZIWO is able to direct the call to the requested service, spoken language, VIP access…


By limiting the use of vocal servers (IVR) to route calls, you improve your services response time and connect your customer with the right agent automatically.

Dedicated number
by product/service

In the case of products or services requiring direct contact with a sales representative, a technician or an external service provider, the use of a number per product or ad, ensures to connect the caller with the person in charge.


ZIWO metrics and voice recording functions provide real-time quality of service analysis.

Temporary numbers

Assign a temporary number to each order to simplify tracking and interactions with your customers. By identifying the relevant order, ZIWO will be able to determine the optimal scenario, trigger a pop screen on agent CRM or read a personalized message via the text-to-speech function.


Once the order delivery is confirmed, the number is disabled and then re-pooled for later use.

Campaign tracking

Assign specific numbers to your marketing campaigns to analyze performance and ROI.


 ZIWO’s statistical tools and API library allow you to collect data from each call for in-depth analysis and optimization of your sponsored keywords and content.

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