How to enable Whatsapp on Ziwo Platform?

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Please Note: A WhatsApp business account is required. If you don’t have one, you may contact [email protected] to request for provider information.

WhatsApp Messages Routing

  1. Enable WhatsApp
    Enable | Disable WhatsApp
  2. Add Number
    The WhatsApp phone number of this call center in international format with + prefix.
  3. Link To Queue
    The dedicated queue for the WhatsApp conversation handling

Connect to WhatsApp

  1. Provider
    The name of the provider:
    example infobip, CM
  2. Base URL
    The base url given by the provider
  3. Username
    The username to connect to the provider
  4. Password
    The password to connect to the provider.


  1. Conversation Limit Per Agent
    The maximum number of conversations can be assigned to an agent.
  2. Agent Response Time (Seconds)
    The TTL takes seconds to reopen a conversation instead of creating a new one upon a new message.
  3. Assign Conversation reopen time (seconds)
  4. Reassign WhatsApp Conversation when the Agent is Away
    The timeout in seconds after which converation should be sent back to the queue.
  5. Working Hours
    The timeslots (working hours) during which the call center handles the WhatsApp conversations


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