Where to find live KPIs for Whatsapp in Ziwo?

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Key Whatsapp KPIs

  1. Total WA Conversation
  2. Unassigned WA Conversation
  3. New WA Conversation
  4. Open WA Conversation
  5. Closed WA Conversation
  6. Total Agents in WA Conversation
  7. Average WA Conversation per Agent
    Total WA / numberOfAgentsInvolved
  8. Average WA New Conversation per Agent
    Total new / numberOfAgentsInvolved
  9. Average WA Open Conversation per Agent
    Total open / numberOfAgentsInvolved
  10. Average WA Closed Conversation per Agent
    Total closed / numberOfAgentsInvolved


  1. Average First Response Time
    Total of First Responses in seconds/Total responses
  2. Average Response Time
    Total of Response time in seconds/Total responses
  3. Average Resolution Time
    Total of Resolution time in seconds/Total responses

What is Response Time ?

The time taken by Agents to respond to customer’s each subsequent message after sending the first response and before resolving the conversation thread.

For eg: If a conversation is created at 2.00pm, they respond to the first message from customer at 2.02 pm. The customer messages back at 2.05pm, the team member responds back at 2.11pm. Then, the  response time would be 9 mins. 

What is First response ? 

The time taken Agent to send the first reply on a conversation from the time the conversation was created.

For eg: If a conversation is created at 1.00pm and they respond at 1.02pm, the First response time is 2 mins.

What is Resolution Time ?

The time taken to resolve a conversation from the time it was created.

 For eg: If a conversation is created (new) at 3.00pm and it was closed at 3.15pm. The resolution time is 15 minutes.


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