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Call Whispering

Jan, 1 215
[vc_video link=""]

Ziwo Admin Interface Demo

Apr, 4 263

How to forward the call center to a landline number ?

Jan, 1 103
[vc_video link=""]

How to create an Agent

Jan, 1 88
[vc_video link=""] For creating an agent, click on three dots located on the top right of ziwo page then select agent. The agent page will show up then click the plus sign located at the bottom of the screen. Another page will appear. Enter all information needed and ...

How to change the Agent’s status

Jan, 1 62
[vc_video link=""] At the bottom of the live view page, there’s the list of all available agents in the call center. By clicking an agent, all possible status become visible. Just click the desired status for that agent to make it effective immediately.

Dialer Agent Interface Demo & Tutorial

Apr, 4 174

Add a wrap up time to the agent

Jan, 1 67
Allows the agent to wrap up a call at the end of it before he becomes available for the next one.[vc_video link=""]

How to log out an agent ?

Jan, 1 57
From the Admin view, you may force an agent to log out:[vc_video link=""] From the Agent view, you need to do it in 2 steps:[vc_video link=""]

How to change the queue priorities for an agent ?

Jan, 1 73
Each agent can answer queues with a different degree of priority. For instance, an English born agent will answer calls in english before the other agents. If he is not available, then the other agents will answer. 1 is the highest priority, 10 the lowest.   [vc_video link="https://vim...

How to view and export attendance logs of the agents ?

Jan, 1 53
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