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What ports to open on a firewall ?

Apr, 4 175
In order to allow ZIWO to be fully functional, you shall open the following ports on your firewall: WEBRTC tcp:8082; udp:8082 tcp:8081; udp:8081 tcp:7443; udp:7443 tcp:5066; udp:5066   SIP tcp:5060; udp:5060 tcp:5080; udp:5080 tcp:...

How to check the Abandoned Calls in ZIWO

Jan, 1 62
[vc_video link=""] First through live view for daily stats and second option is by adding Abandoned call widget under statistics after creating a new dashboard just to get the number of abandoned calls. Other way to access the exact list of abandoned calls on diffe...

How to retrieve voicemails in Calls View in ZIWO

Jan, 1 54
[vc_video link=""] Go to calls view by clicking on the left hand side phone icon. Click on the upper right hand link that says more filter. Click on voicemail  from the options and select Only Voicemail.

How to setup working hours in a queue in ZIWO

Jan, 1 54
[vc_video link=""] Click on three dots located at the top of the Ziwo page, click on Queues icon. Select on a specific queue to set up the working hours, by clicking the three dots on a queue. Click on edit icon and all the way to the bottom, there’s a tick box for wo...

How to assign skills to an agent in ZIWO

Jan, 1 60
[vc_video link=""] Look for the three vertical dots on the upper right hand of Ziwo page then click on agent. Find an agent you want to assign a skill(s), click on the three dots again found on the agent’s profile and select assign skills icon. Click on a preferred sk...

How to setup a roaming agent in ZIWO

Jan, 1 186
[vc_video link=""] Click on the three dots located on the upper right of Ziwo home page. Select Agents. On the agent you want to set the roaming agent option, click the three dots then the pen logo (Edit). Another page will show up. At the bottom of the page, click on...

How to create a Custom Widget/ Dashboard

Jan, 1 89
[vc_video link=""] Go to Statistics found on the left hand side of Ziwo page, click on the gear icon found on the upper right hand just below the profile picture. Click on the (+) sign and enter your dashboard name and click save icon. Then after creating the new dashbo...

How to change an Audio file in the Queue?

Jan, 1 50
[vc_video link=""] Click on the three dots on the upper right hand of the page, click on the media uploader, click on the green icon for adding the file, then add a new file for Audio. Go to Queues, click on three dots on the preferred queue then click edit. Then chan...

How to create a Queue

Jan, 1 85
[vc_video link=""] For creating a queue,click on the three dots located at the top. Click on the icon for Queues and click on the plus (+) sign at the bottom and enter necessary pieces of information then hit save. Make sure as well that this is also link to a specifi...

How to export reports in CSV files

Jan, 1 77
[vc_video link=""] For exporting file to CSV, go to statistics, click on the three dots and at the bottom click on the icon for export to CSV Same goes in sending stats through Calls View , choose specific stats and click on the export to CSV located on the upper r...