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Choosing a contact center can be a tedious task, comparing features, costs and fees, evaluating efficiency of said systems to your specific needs... To help you make the best decision for your business, we will discuss below some key differences between Ziwo and its competitors.

So, how is Ziwo different and may be more suited to your needs?

We go way beyond basic functions

Ziwo is developed to cover a wide array of services and uses. Not only will you find the usual features (IVR, call routing and recording, voicemail...) but Ziwo offers advanced functions such as progressive dialing, an event notification engine, database unifying (CDB) and much more.

May you operate a phone service, customer support or manage a sales team, you will have access to dedicated tools which will improve greatly your performance. To discover our solution and see how we could help,

feel free to chose the relevant option below.

Ziwo is the result of 10 years of contact center experience

Aswat developed features in close partnership with its customers in order to answer general or specific demands. Ziwo is our cloud based, new generation contact center, which benefit from our experience and offer improved performance and features in a web based, user friendly interface, requiring no software installation and accessible worldwide.

We care about your business and will guide you through your specific set up

We value each customer, we get in touch with you as soon as you register to define your needs and offer advices and help on set up and functions. Moreover, we will train your project manager or team so you can quickly make the best out of Ziwo.

Ziwo is more than
a software

We will share our contact center environment knowledge and partners network to offer valuable advice and solutions. Are you looking to hire temporary staff or opening a customer service on the other side of the world? Would you require expertise in order to develop a complex application? Are you looking to unify multiple databases? Feel free to ask our consultants, we would love to hear about your projects.

How do we prioritize developments

We listen to our customers and focus on relevant features to improve our product flexibility and efficiency. We then decided to provide new features, like advanced routing, powerful APIs, interacting with inhouse systems or creating a customizable notification engine which informs you on your specific alert levels and takes action to modify routing or agent assignation automatically.

We are not depending on
external investments

Aswat is a privately owned company which rely on its customers satisfaction to grow. We dedicate ourselves to provide a high quality customer support and a direct contact to one of our consultants to make your experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

We provide great outbound communication rates

Some of our competitors are compensating low cost application with high communication rates, not us. You benefit from our dense network of partners to get attractive rates which, in turns, make Ziwo a great investment for cost saving and contact center optimization.

We can help, drop us a line

Make your customers happy by meeting their needs. They will stay with you forever and recommend you to their peers.
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