Increase Real Estate Sales with Ziwo Cloud Telephony Solution

ZIWO Cloud Telephony Solution enables Real Estate companies to identify, track, and manage their customer interactions with existing and prospective clients across all available channels including voice, SMS, and WhatsApp.


Features That Every Real Estate Agents Needs

Roaming Agent

This feature equips your real estate agent to make or take calls for the company via routing calls to the mobile phone irrespective of the location while maintaining all the standard features of call tracking, recording, etc.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking is a feature that helps real estate agencies in the process of determining how the callers found your business, and through which channel. It’s absolutely a necessary tool for companies to allocate their advertising budget as efficiently as possible.

Call Masking

Never share your client’s numbers with anyone, but stay always in the loop, and don’t get cut out of the deal! Call Masking is necessary to protect the personal data of customers and real estate brokerage companies.

Z-Dial (Auto Dialer)

Set an outbound campaign to remind your leads to complete their contracts renewal process before the deadline, launch an effective follow-up campaign for massive results or, even start an outbound campaign on your leads.

Voice Recording

Recorded calls allow supervisors to evaluate the quality of interactions, gain customer insights, and identify areas for improvement in agent performance. Also, they can be used for training purposes.

Integrate Your Real Estate CRM

Any CRM with an open API can easily integrate with ZIWO Cloud Telephony Solution! Our software can be customized to fit the daily needs of real estate agents! This helps an agent to get all the customer data in one place and get a 360-degree view of the caller.

Easy to Manage

Generate Leads

Workflow Automation


Call tracking clearly provide us with an  opportunity to show how much value we’re giving back to our customers.