Salesforce Integration

Get the best of Salesforce with ZIWO implementation by Cloud Concept

ZIWO implementation by  Cloud Concept

Salesforce is a reference in the world of customer relationship management software (CRM), chosen by over 150,000 customers worldwide, improving the efficiency of sales team from SMBs as well as renowned brands in all industries.


Aswat and Cloud Concept, a cloud-based CRM integration specialist, are now providing a seamless integration of ZIWO, Aswat cloud-based contact center in Salesforce.


In this presentation, we will detail how your company could benefit from both systems to improve call response, streamline call flow and ultimately sales team performance.


ZIWO + Salesforce, a Perfect Match

Auto login

Forget about multiple accounts and system login.

By logging into your Salesforce account, you are ready to place and receive calls.


Change your status on the fly, ZIWO adapts call routing to specified scenarios.

Route to a voicemail, mobile phone number or the next available colleague.

Meet customers, attend team stand up meetings or have a coffee break without worrying about lost calls.

Click to Call

Placing calls has never been that simple. Simply click the telephone number of a customer or lead in Salesforce and get ZIWO to place the call for you.

Should you need to manually place a call or use your contact IVR, simply unfold the phone tab to reveal ZIWO dial pad.

Call Transfer

Search your contact in Salesforce phonebook or transfer to an external number directly from ZIWO dial pad in a couple of clicks.
Would you need to discuss the case with the third party before transferring the call, simply select the option and you’re done.
You can then validate the transfer and hang up safely.

Screen pop

ZIWO handles your inbound calls, routing calls from specific DID or through IVR.
When a sales representative receives a call, caller’s number is sent to Salesforce to display the customer sheet and provide all available data in a glance.

Call recording

Do you want to review calls or clear a dispute with a customer, ZIWO supplies MP3 links in call logs to download any specific call or listen to past conversation.
A great tool to improve sales representative training or listen again to that moment you may not clearly remember.

Call comments

Never forget what you discussed with a lead by entering a short comment directly in ZIWO dial pad.
Call comments are added to your call log and customer activity.

Call logs

Each call, in or outbound is logged in Salesforce and attached to both the sales representative activity and the customer sheet.
In case of a new contact, a new contact sheet can be automatically generated to be completed at any time.

Simply. Talk to your clients

Cloud Based Contact Center deployed instantly