Ziwo Autodialer

Simply. Reach out to the World.

Part of ZIWO call center at no extra cost, our outbound campaign management is the perfect tool to boost your revenue and the productivity of your agents.


Auto Dialer

Automatically dial client phone numbers and
connect to IVR or the desired queue

Priority Queue

Organize your call flow by creating dedicated queues
depending on service, language and more.

Pop up

Automatically display caller information on
screens when an agent receives a call

Wrap up

The dialog box with complete
call log and history of the caller

Empower yourself
with intuitive features

API Based

Free Flow

Live Campaign

Automated client
call backs

Mobile App

Time Zone

Standalone Mode

Ziwo campaign management tool
can be configured in a stand-alone
module in 2 simple steps.
Step 1
Prepare a CSV spreadsheet with
names and telephone numbers
Step 2
Click on upload

That is all you need to start using
this amazing feature on Ziwo.

CRM Integration

Like all ZIWO modules,
the campaign management is
entirely manageable via API.

For example, directly from your CRM,
you may select the clients you
want to call and create a new campaign,
automate client call-backs
for membership renewal,
product recommendations

Keeping it simple.

Simply. Talk to your clients

Cloud Based Contact Center deployed instantly

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