Ziwo integration with SAP

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Ziwo’s SAP Integration Guide


This document will help the reader setup and understand Ziwo’s SAP integration. This integration requires a windows machine to work. The integration consists of 3 main files: SAP adapter, click2call dll file, Ziwo’s dialpad.

Steps Summary

1. Install SAP adapter.
2. Copy the click2call dll file to the adapter.
3. Launch Ziwo’s SAP dialpad.
4. Allow unsafe scripts in your browser

Step 1:
Launch the adapter installer CODCTI1911SP00_0-80004762.exe and follow the steps.


Please note the installation path as we will need it for the next step.

Step 2:
We will copy SAPCODCTIConnector.dll file to the installing path above, make sure you don’t rename this file. But first we need to close the SAP adapter:


Next copy the file into SAP’s adapter installation path. Please note that you need to be an admin user and will need to replace the existing file by overwriting it when copying. Installing path is usually in:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Service Cloud CTI Client”

Sometimes when copying the dll windows antivirus will block the file because it was downloaded from the internet. To be sure its not blocked follow the following steps:

1. Right-Click on the dll file and select properties

2. Select unblock option and click “Ok”


Step 3:
You can launch ziwo-c4c.exe to use the dialpad with the SAP Integration.

Step 4:
The way that the integration works is by having some calls to localhost over http. Modern browsers block js from making communication over http. Since we are using localhost and due to the complexity of issuing https certificates we will stick to http but we must enable the browser to allow by doing the following steps below. This example uses Google Chrome:


Then refresh the page and the CRM will be able to communicate with the adapter running on the machine.



● I can’t copy the dll to SAP adapter installing location!

  • – Make sure you’re an admin user
  • – Make sure SAP adapter is not running, please check the taskbar too.

● Ziwo’s dialpad is running but I don’t see the call logs and actions in the CRM!

  • – Check if SAP adapter is running.
  • – Make sure the browser allows non safe scripts to run.

● The click2call feature is not working!

  • – The dll file may not have been copied and into the SAP adapter installation folder
  • – The file may have been blocked by windows reviews the installing section