Ziwo’s Zapier Integration Guide

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This document explains how to use Ziwo’s integration with Zapier services and how to create smart flows.
How to use 
We will explore triggering a call to a phone number and routing the call to either and IVR or an agent. First we will need to to be logged into zapier. Then we need to create a new zap. Then we follow the following steps:

We will need something to trigger the calls. Let's say we need to call our truck driver everyday to check for updates on the delivery status. We will pick Scheduler by Zapier for this example to be our trigger.

Next you will be able to select ziwo as an action

Choose which action you would like, we will choose call using agent for this example

Next enter the details of the call. Note incase of other types of triggers, you will be able to map their output into the agent id or the number to call, this opens unlimited possibilities to automate the calls. In this case we will put the inputs manually

One thing we need to pay attention to is if the call was successful or not due agent availability. You can check this and do different actions by checking the output of ziwo action.

We can edit the condition to check by checking the field "success" of the ziwo action output.

Ziwo with Zapier Integration

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