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What Do VoIP Phones Mean For Today’s Business

VoIP Phones have provided a better channel of multi-functional communication to businesses, but what makes VoIP technology very efficient?

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Communications play one of the most important roles in the process of business operations for organizations of every scale globally. Communication has changed and become more efficient, which means companies and business people don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount to talk to clients and team members around the world. With the help of a broadband connection and the latest VoIP calling technology, as well as VoIP Phones. Organizations are now saving 30-50% avoidable expenses while staying more connected than ever.

VoIP Phones


The VoIP system and web interfaces allow businesses to make calls right from their computer systems or laptops as long as these devices are connected to a VoIP phone and an internet connection. So what does this spell for businesses today? Let us take a look at the benefits VoIP brings to organizations.

What are VoIP Phones?

An IP phone is also known as a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone, is a device that works using the internet protocol and not the conventional circuit-switched PSTN. A VoIP phone connects to the internet through the Ethernet cable, rather than using a phone jack where it establishes a connection to the IP address of either a VoIP provider or a hosted PBX provider. Technicalities aside, when used from a receiver’s perspective, it works no different than a traditional phone but has better utility and quality.

Unlike conventional phones, accessing the web interface of a VoIP phone enables easier navigation and configuration of the settings as compared with doing so within its internal menu.

What Benefits Do They Provide To Businesses Today?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an advanced technology that enables users to make calls with a broadband Internet connection instead of using a traditional analog phone system.

With the help of Internet telephony, VoIP involves sound conversion into digital voice communication before the transformation through Internet broadband to a receiver. Many modern businesses have switched to VoIP and high-technology business telephone systems to conduct business calls and telephonic meetings for the ease of use and accessibility it brings. Following are how VoIP and business telephone systems are impacting organizations positively:

1. Saves Money:

Gone are the days of subscribing to expensive calling packages based on minutes, especially international calls. VoIP technology now allows businesses to talk to their clients, partners, and employees at lower costs, saving thousands of dollars annually. Domestic VoIP calling is free of charge for VoIP using organizations, while projects VoIP to reduce its costs by 3-5% in the future. Illustrated below is a detailed graph of the savings that you can make using VoIP.

VoIP Phones

2. Greater Flexibility:

You can use a VoIP converter on several devices anywhere due to its memory stick-like utility. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection and a smart device, you can enjoy high-quality calls with the freedom of mobility.

3. Multi-functionality:

Not only does this technology allow you to make voice calls, but you can also now hold full-fledged business conferences and meetings using the high-definition video call feature, exchange files with clients or colleagues or make business deals remotely.

4. Maximized Productivity:

When your business communication flow is uninterrupted across multiple channels, there is a substantial increase in productivity. VoIP technology also helps you divert essential funds to more useful sectors rather than paying hefty phone bills, making it the best choice for an organization of any scale.

The primary goal of the VoIP technological advancement is to make processes such as communication more efficient and cost-effective. It is not just about keeping up with the times, but also a practical decision to switch to VoIP calling as a business because you already use a high-speed internet connection.

All you need is to sign up with a VoIP provider and hook the adapter to the system to get communications going.

Ziwo is a cloud-based organization that helps businesses integrate with VoIP calling while managing all their communications from one place.

How to choose a VoIP gateway?

The cost of voice gateways on the market has recently decreased significantly, everyone considers this method of connecting to IP telephony as one of the most budgetary. But the price largely depends on the various characteristics of the gateways.

To choose the voice gateway that can best solve your problems, pay attention to the following conditions for its operation:

Compatible with other VoIP equipment. When buying a gateway, you need to find out from the manufacturer what stations it works with.
Gateway DSP, for example, it is responsible for the quality of the voice, the absence of echo, and extraneous noise.
In order for the voice gateway to serve for a long time and not suddenly fail due to overheating, you need to find out all the requirements for its installation and study which cooling system is installed by the manufacturer, and whether it will work well.
There are simple voice gateways that you can use to connect only one telephone set. And to simultaneously transmit multiple conversations to the network, multi-channel gateways will be required.
Also pay attention to the additional functionality of the gateways. The use of various services will help build an effective communication network in the company.


The transition of voice technology to VoIP has made conventional landlines and wired calls obsolete. Although the quality of VoIP is not as stable as traditional forms of communication, the telephone call process has already changed irreversibly. The ability to receive calls from any device and from anywhere outweighs the shortcomings of the technology.

However, we expect technological changes in the VoIP industry with 5G network connectivity, as it will reduce the risk of poor call quality, as well as speed up connection and enhance security features. In other words, the rise of this technology could have a big impact on businesses of all sizes in the near future.

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