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What is Call Masking Feature | Definition | Benefits

Call masking is the best feature for businesses to safeguard customers identity when connecting them with employees or external parties

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What is Call Masking Feature?

Call masking feature - masking numbers

Call Masking is the most reliable way for businesses to protect their customer’s identities. This feature is also called “Two way caller ID masking” and “caller ID spoofing” and it connects two persons without revealing either phone number. Typically companies use masked numbers to hide the personal numbers of the participants in the conversation.

Masking is sometimes necessary to protect the personal data of customers and employees, also, this feature is one of the most aspects for the delivery companies in specific and many services companies, as well as to the real estate industry. 

In other words, the caller ID spoofing service hides the real phone number from the recipient. The caller also does not see the real number of the person he is calling.

What is Call Masking Used For?

Naturally, the main reason is privacy. It is necessary to hide the personal information of clients because conversations are carried out not only between the agent and the client but also between other participants in the process. For example, Two way caller ID masking between a passenger and a taxi driver, a buyer and a seller, a patient and a doctor.

what is call masking used for

In the interests of the security and safety of the personal data of the speakers over the phone, it makes sense to hide their personal phone numbers, using substitute numbers for this.

The use of masked numbers means that a transaction can take place without the need to exchange personal phone numbers for two people. After the conversation ends, they can end their interaction without any concerns about personal safety.


What are the Benefits of Call Masking For a Company?

call masking and number masking

-Protection of personal data of users and employees
-Customers can safely use the services of your company, and employees can be sure that their -personal numbers are not visible to third parties.
-Communicating through a communication platform
-The ability to control how users and employees interact with each other in order to analyze disputes and prevent the possibility of fraud.
-Tracking and analysis
-Gain a competitive advantage by analyzing communication between customers and suppliers.


Where to use Call Masking Feature?

What is call masking - masking numbers

Call Masking is a useful tool to ensure secure communication. There are many examples of how it prevents the misuse of sensitive information. Typical applications for the tool:

-Ad services – maintaining the privacy of buyers and sellers.

-Temporary offers – turn off calls during non-working hours or when the offer is no longer valid.

-Transportation or ride-sharing applications, and delivery, taxi, car mate search

– linking service providers and customers (application users) in one company account that is easier to manage.

 –International business communications – processing all calls on one platform without deploying call centers in each country of presence.

Hospitals and Medical labs – consultations of a doctor to a patient, privacy in this matter is mandatory and enshrined in law.


Why Choosing ZIWO for Call Masking?

Today, there are few platforms that provide call masking services. Connecting and configuring this service is simple. So, for example, choosing ZIWO platform, you will get some real advantages, such as:

Working with multiple channels – masking not only calls but also SMS messages and WhatsApp.

A large number of options for making a call – using the desktop app, through the web interface, mobile apps, etc.

Saving Call History – if necessary, you can record the history of interaction with the client and keep a record of conversations for analytics.

Global Coverage – phone numbers in 145+ countries

Improved features – the ability to add features such as intelligent IVR or voice assistants to masking numbers.

Great Customer Support and services delivered



What is this feature

Call masking for companies can be an important tool to ensure the privacy of both customers and employees. And the protection of personal data is an obligation that must be fulfilled. Due to the fact that technology has stepped forward, you can use the latest developments provided by IT companies.

Providing a delightful experience across all channels is the foundation and the main proposition of our cloud contact center. Customers who engage and have a great experience when communicating with your brand will become advocates for your brand, translating that into increased customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

The customer support quality delivered is a very important matter to any business, and that’s why “Call Masking” or “Number Masking” is the best way for businesses to safeguard their customer’s identities. It is considered as one of the most important features for companies in order to offer their clients the best customer service possible and to protect their data.




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