FreshSales Integration

Simply. Install the App

Features Include:

  • Click to call
  • Call log attached to the client
  • Dialer in CRM for call reception and emission

Get access to below features + all superpowers of Ziwo !!


Be sure to include your Freshsales API Key during installation, or update it via Setting if there are any changes.
Note: This add-on requires a Freshsales plan (free or otherwise) that supports API.

Step 1

Get Ziwo Free Trial

Step 2

Install the Free Plugin

Step 3

Complete App Configuration
or if needed


Freshsales Integration

Free of cost plugin connecting ZIWO with FRESHSALES

Outbound Sales & Marketing

Improve Call Response

Instant Deployment

Free of Cost


Ziwo in FreshSales

Simply. Talk to your clients

Cloud Based Contact Center deployed instantly