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Benefits of Using International Phone Numbers | Virtual Phone Numbers | Toll-Free Numbers

International phone numbers or toll-free numbers are convenient for everyone! these virtual phone numbers allow customers to call businesses

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International Phone Numbers - virtual phone numbers

To promote a business in another country, you need to advertise. But what contact number should be using in promotional materials?
International phone numbers/ virtual phone numbers /toll-free numbers are currently in high demand. And this growing demand is due to their usefulness. These international phone numbers, better known as virtual phone numbers or global phone numbers, are easily accessible because they are virtual. With ZIWO, you can acquire phone numbers from more than 145+ countries around the world, and these numbers are remote and not connected to a physical telephone. However, these virtual phone numbers redirect incoming calls to any number. The owner or user selects the virtual number that he wants to connect it to company’s phone number/ department.

Virtual phone numbers/ toll-free numbers are an integral part of cloud telephony. They help mainly in global telecommunications! Check out how Klaim uses these numbers as an essential part of their business and how it helped them in reducing call costs, managing high call volumes, and more!!

The Main Advantages and Benefits of Using a International Phone Numbers/ Virtual Phone Numbers:

International Phone Numbers

International Phone Numbers Are Cost-Efficient!

Toll-Free Numbers

A significant reduction in the cost of long-distance and international telephone calls due to the fact that the voice calls can be terminated/ routed using the local in-country telecom service provider to achieve a local call instead of international calls which will drastically reduce call costs. The signal is delivered from one subscriber to another via IP networks, without affecting traditional telephone networks. Using an international phone number is much cheaper than calling in the traditional sense. These savings will be more noticeable when making international calls.

You can set up call forwarding from your virtual number to a mobile or landline phone, SIP-T, etc. In this case, the charges for a call to a mobile or landline phone will be with low tariffs.

Establish Local Presence in New Markets
Toll-Free Numbers

You will be able to expand sales markets and attract new partners and customers. By acquiring a local city telephone number for the country you plan to enter, it becomes possible to create the appearance of a physical presence in a given city or region. Customers who will call your number will not even guess that the company is actually located in another country.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Businesses can start using a virtual number easily and quickly due to the fact that it is not tied to any specific phone or SIM card. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive office equipment, install special telephone lines, etc. But you will be able to save the number when you change the location of the company or move to a new office. You will save not only on the installation of a telephone system, but also no need for you to notify partners, colleagues, and customers about changes in company phone numbers.

High Call Volume and Routing

benefits of international phone
Another advantage of using a virtual number is the ability to receive a significant number of calls at the same time. Some numbers initially contain 3-5 channels and allow you to expand them unlimitedly by purchasing and connecting additional telephone channels.

When using International phone numbers or virtual numbers, it becomes possible to combine all telephone numbers of an enterprise or company into a single direct number, with which you can link the phones of the parent company, its divisions, and other branches. Thus, in the contact details for customers, you can assign a single number that will not be difficult to remember.

Although there are usually limits on the number of phone numbers that you can use, virtual numbers or toll-free numbers do not have such a limit. Companies can choose and save as many numbers as they need for their operations. Using multiple numbers helps in multiple departments such as customer service, sales, product marketing, and so on.


Advanced Features

It should also be taken into account the possibility of organizing an integrated IVR system, as well as the creation of voice mail, the possibility of redistributing calls in accordance with the agreed parameters and recording all conversations with the maintenance of appropriate call statistics in order to manage your predefined KPI’s.

Using a virtual number is very beneficial to your business, Add to this the high quality of our services and professional technical support provided by ZIWO specialists, and the decision to get a virtual phone number will be even easier to make. ZIWO connects 145 countries globally, including the GCC, so that users can instantly expand their reach in new geographies!

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