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Zabbix Summit 2018

Integration with zabbix monitoring tool provides a lot of innovative features for the ziwo cloud contact center. Know more about it here!

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ZIWO with Zabbix offers the latest innovations in monitoring tools for contact center solutions

The Summit 2018

Like every year, Riga (Latvia) was the place to be for every Zabbix Monitoring tool administrator. More than 350 IT professionals from 44 countries were present at the 8th Zabbix Summit to discover the new version of the platform, features, training plans, and of course concrete use cases.

Day 1: Alexei Vladishev, CEO and creator of it, started the Summit by presenting the freshly released Zabbix 4.0 LTS followed by workshops and case studies throughout the day

Day 2: Two-hour workshop for the early birds, to try out new features of the 4.0 version along with its staff. Other workshops included updates in the HA cluster, securing and monitoring blockchain systems, PostgreSQL integration, and so on.

Overall, an excellent opportunity to meet Zabbix developers, managers as well as users all around the world. Not only that, the summit provided a good platform to exchange and learn from the views and the experience of others to keep innovating our monitoring tools & solutions

How ZIWO works with Zabbix?

integration with zabbix Monitoring toll

Zabbix is the main monitoring tool for ZIWO which is a cloud-based call center solution, which we rely on to check all our infrastructure, the instances running, critical indicators, and so on.

It allows us to :

-Automatically monitor every new instance of ZIWO

-Get Notification alerts on system errors or mistakes

-Get Reports on system health and indicators for recent upgrades such as hard disk space

-Display dashboards for our internal usage, for a quick global view of our different sites

-Combined with Grafana, it allows us to provide our customers with an advanced view of their Ziwo solution: system information like CPU, memory, and network bandwidth, along with business view such as the no of concurrent calls on the different sites they may be using.

How Zabbix 4.0 will impact ZIWO and our customers?

The latest version of Zabbix includes several enhancements that will positively impact ZIWO

-Zabbix team made a lot of efforts to greatly improve the graphs and dashboards. This may reduce our dependency on Grafana in the future.

-You can customize the dashboards heavily and display them in Kiosk mode on TVs, as well as supports assistive technologies, making it more user-friendly for visually impaired users.

-The new tag-based permissions give the ability to allow certain user group access to information about issues only if they match a combination of pre-defined tags & values. Access can be limited by any info stored in tags: ZIWO versions, voice gateway used, country, etc.

To conclude: By utilizing Zabbix’s new and innovative features Ziwo call center software will offer ease of monitoring management internally. Furthermore, the ability to provide real-time dashboards within Zabbix will allow us to provide predefined templates for our clients with all the customer service KPIs, which can be monitored and displayed in multiple formats.

Integration with zabbix Monitoring toll

Summit At A Glance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lBA-Nkz5Mo&list=PL0mpo4XDX5eEfHu7xDWg6Qg0RRQGxaIiK)


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