Published the Nov 1, 2021

Startups Essential Tool: ZIWO Software

Ziwo, the cloud telephony-based software can help startups and small businesses get more customers, so they will not miss a single call

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A successful startup has three essential ingredients: a bright idea, a desire to get the job done, and the right tools. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the first two, but definitely, we at Ziwo can support startups and small businesses with the third one!

Every founder of a startup company knows that he/she will be facing multiple difficulties, but it’s important to realize that it is almost impossible to run startups or small businesses without interacting with customers and without knowing them, especially in the early stages of any company.

Why Your Startup Needs a Cloud Contact Center?

The key to success for startups is efficient, effective business processes from day one. In fact, it is very important to properly build communications with clients. Ziwo the cloud telephony-based software can help startups and small businesses get more customers, so they will not miss a single call, which means helping them transform the calls into sales effectively.

Why This Solution is the Best Option for Startups?

Easy Integration

small businesses

Connection to Ziwo Cloud Contact Center takes a few minutes. Connect it to your CRM, choose a number, and start receiving calls from customers or calling them.

Employee Mobility

small businesses

It doesn’t matter where you or your employees work, in the office, at home, or even on the go. Calls can be received and made by using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone from anywhere. Complete freedom from wires!

Same Number Anywhere

small businesses

Rented a new office? Or decided to move? Your number will move with you. Connect to the Internet and keep working as usual.

Business Expansion

ziwo for startups

Expanding your staff? Opening a new office or branch? No need to buy additional numbers or SIM cards. Get additional numbers for your employees in every country/market you want to reach, and your agents will immediately be able to call and receive calls.

Unlimited Additional Numbers

ziwo for startups

Have you decided to start a new project? Or expand the geography of your current business? You can get additional numbers in your region, neighboring regions, or around the world to achieve the goal of taking over new markets.

Increase advertising efficiency

ziwo for startups

With the help of the call tracking feature, you can track the effectiveness of advertising, and ordering a callback on the site to increase the number of visitors who want to contact you. These services are already integrated into the Ziwo Cloud Contact Center Software.

Overall Business Intelligence

ziwo for startups

With Ziwo, companies can create their own ways to display and present information based on the needs of individual departments for management and the board of directors, Whether they like the simplicity of bar or pie charts or would like to experiment with histograms & bubble charts, the statistics module in this platform has something for everyone.

If you want to see your startup succeed, you’re going to need Ziwo for these:

Low Cost

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to think about is how to efficiently manage their resources so that they can save money and be able to run the business without making many compromises. Ziwo payment plan is fixable and smooth, companies can choose between monthly or yearly subscription fees.  Not to mention how much money they will be saving with the low international calling rates.

Easy Setup

Setting up a Ziwo Cloud Contact Center does not require technical knowledge. It is performed easily with the help of our support team.

Free 24/7 technical support

Technical support works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to solve your questions and inquiries.

High Quality Calls

Ziwo partners with the biggest telecom operators around the world for the purpose of providing the best call quality in the market.

Convenient Interface

Both small entities and individuals can use Ziwo Cloud Contact Center services.

Always be in Touch

You can always choose which devices are more convenient for you and your team.

Improved Customer Service

Service quality is perceived to be as important a component of a startup image as the product itself. Therefore, it is very important for startups to provide great customer support and service with the help of Ziwo. In the same fashion, it is very important to meet expectations and promptly solve the client’s problems no matter what.

360 View

Ziwo solution is designed for a 360 view of the customers, so startups management & team will get all customer information in one place along with readymade plugins to a wide selection of CRMs and popular APPs.

Key Features For Startups

The solution also provides a rich list of features that will help startups grow and expand! Just to mention but a few: Call trackingCall WhisperingIVR,  End Call Survey,  Web call back,  Emotion tracker,   Recording..You name it, we have it all!


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