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Discover the power of ZIWO's Live Dashboard – your ultimate analysis and real-time performance tracking solution. Intuitive and visually appealing, it showcases crucial contact center metrics & KPIs.

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Stay Informed, stay ahead with our Live Dashboard. Simply!

Our Live Dashboard will empower managers and teams to optimize performance and stay ahead of trends.

Customized Dashboard

A crucial element of our cloud contact center solution, the fully customizable real-time dashboard empowers you to monitor an extensive array of best practice and custom KPIs.

Pre-defined Widgets

Our dashboard offers predefined widgets for efficient call center reporting and analytics. Easily customize and add various widgets to fulfill specific functions in the designer.

Simple or Complex Reports

Generate reports easily with the dashboard, whether simple or complex, for valuable insights at your fingertips.

Filter by Call or Agent KPI

Effortlessly analyze your call center performance by filtering key metrics based on either calls or individual agents.

Agent & Call Performance Monitoring

Monitor agents and calls effortlessly with the Live Dashboard. Gain real-time insights to elevate your business performance.

Analyse Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Effortlessly analyze sales and marketing campaigns through our Live Dashboard. Gain valuable insights to optimize your strategies and drive success.

Improve Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience using our Live Dashboard. Gain valuable insights to optimize interactions and deliver exceptional service. Elevate customer satisfaction today!

Effective Representation of Data

Experience data at its best with the Live Dashboard. It visually represents information effectively, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

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