Call Routing

Connect callers directly to the right department or agent for improved FCR rates, reduced AHT, and minimized time in queue, and boost call center metrics with call routing.

Smart router

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ZIWO solution offers companies with tools that will elevate their inbound operations.

Efficient Call Routing

Call routing allows to distribute the reception of calls between agents who serve incoming lines and outgoing telemarketing, thereby increasing the efficiency of the Call Center.

Routing Mechanism

Manages all outgoing and incoming calls, queues, agents groups, and individual agents, redirecting the incoming call to the available agent.

Call Delegation

When call center agents are overwhelmed, Call routing transfers excess calls to another contact center until the load stabilizes, ensuring uninterrupted customer service.

Priority in the Algorithm

Our routing algorithm ensures incoming calls are directed to the most competent agent and, if necessary, to the next available agent with priority in processing incoming calls.

Client Identification

For more efficient work on customer service, the Call routing system in ZIWO identifies the client even at the stage of his presence on the IVR and routes him to the queue that is servicing his particular subject.

Better Workforce Management

Optimize agent workflow with flexible control over Working Time (post-call processing) and Ready-Not Ready statuses, empowering efficient call handling and response management.

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