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Enhance agent productivity with ZIWO's click-to-call solution. Skip manual dialing and effortlessly connect with customers by simply clicking their number. Boost efficiency, save time, and empower your team with this time-saving feature.

Click to call dialer

Time is Precious, Save Some. Simply!

When hovering over phone numbers, a dial icon will appear, and clicking on the number will initiate a call using ZIWO.

Boost Productivity

Compress every string of digits into a single button. Say goodbye to copy-pasting, manual dialing, and human error. Save time and close more deals with the Click to Call feature with ZIWO.

Maximize Team Efficiency

CRM records such as leads, contacts, accounts, or custom fields can have click-to-call functionality, enabling businesses to implement it for outbound sales and support teams.

Improve Customer Experience

By enabling click-to-call, businesses can enhance customer experience and improve the performance and return on investment (ROI) of their marketing, creating a seamless and efficient way to connect with customers.

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