Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Easily create and assign IVR systems to your call flow and conveniently manage them in real-time, allowing you to make dynamic adjustments on the go.

flow diagram: incoming call, welcome message, and IVR in 3 languages

IVR, The Voice of Convenience. Simply!

Minimize Missed Calls - Enhance Client Navigation - Reduce the workload for agents

Elevate Customer Experience

By professionally designing IVR menu for your business, including a personalized greeting, you can enhance the initial interaction with clients.

Cut Call Expenses

Save significantly on costs by opting for a voice menu system, which proves to be a highly cost-effective alternative to employing a secretary.

Share Announcements

Tailor the information on the voice menu to suit your specific call objectives, whether it's sharing company hours, promoting exciting offers, or announcing new product releases

Receive Simultaneous Calls

The IVR handles calls efficiently and managing multiple calls simultaneously, reducing missed calls even during high-demand periods after successful advertising campaigns.

Manage After-Hours Calls

The IVR menu offers convenient call handling during evenings and weekends, allowing you to inform customers about opening hours, leave voice messages, or ask for a call back.

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