Published the Jul 17, 2023

Humanizing Customer Experience: The Power of Connection

A humanized customer experience starts with understanding your customers, You need to ask for customer feedback & interact with them closely.

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Creating a remarkable customer experience can be quite a difficult task. It’s not enough for a company to produce an exceptional product and provide top-notch service; that alone doesn’t guarantee a delightful customer journey. The real determinant in this equation lies in how people perceive their interactions. Even if a product is truly outstanding, it won’t garner high satisfaction ratings if it fails to surpass the expectations of its intended audience. That’s why companies need to offer customers a humanized customer experience since extraordinary experiences are the order of the day!


An Inspiring Customer Experience

If you’re like most people, such moments of genuine surprise are few and far between. However, I’m willing to bet that the last time it happened to you, it was a human who elevated your customer experience from ordinary to remarkably exceptional. Humans still possess a remarkable advantage over machines, They possess the ability to deviate from the script and go the extra mile to deliver something truly extraordinary for a customer. While computers may efficiently confirm details, it’s the genuine smile and personal touch that only human interaction can provide. And let’s face it, in a world increasingly dominated by technology, the value of human interaction is soaring. The key to maximizing its potential lies in combining the best of both worlds – leveraging technology while embracing the irreplaceable human touch.


What is Humanized Customer Experience?

In the dynamic landscape of customer experience, one thing remains constant: the importance of humanizing interactions. It’s not just about catering to customer requests or meeting their demands; it goes beyond that. The essence lies in truly understanding their unique needs, desires, and aspirations, and going the extra mile to provide personalized solutions.

At the heart of a humanized customer experience is active listening. It’s about attentively hearing what customers are saying and, more importantly, what they’re not saying. It involves empathizing with their challenges and frustrations, putting oneself in their shoes, and offering genuine support and understanding.

When a company successfully achieves this harmonious alignment between user needs and personalized support, it creates a profound connection. It’s a connection that goes beyond mere transactions, nurturing a sense of trust and loyalty. Customers feel valued and appreciated when their individuality is recognized and catered to.

Why it’s Important to Humanize Customer Experience?

Adding a human touch to your company is important to nurturing and sustaining a good relationship with your audience and customers. It also sets you up to offer improved customer service. And when it comes to ratings on review sites, the quality of your customer service can affect how high you go.

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Adding a human touch to cx

So, what matters the most to drive customer experience? Speed and efficiency, employees who are knowledgeable and helpful, as well as convenience? More recently, adding a human touch or personalization to customer experience has been becoming increasingly popular amongst customers.

Long-term success hinges on forming relationships with customers, and In this era of digitization and automation advances, brands ought to add a human touch to their customer service. The customer experience is dotted with multiple communication touchpoints, from checking out for the first time to submitting a complaint. Companies need to ensure that customers know they’re engaging with a trusted brand at every interaction.


How Does the Humanized Customer Experience Work in Practice?

Show empathy during the service

Understanding what the other means and, mostly, putting yourself into the other person’s shoes is the best way to deal with their needs and identify their desires. Thus, observing the importance of customer experience is to genuinely care about the client’s wishes.

Make the client feel exclusive

Besides really paying attention to questions and to what customers are looking for, it’s important to invest in customizing the contact. For example, identify a customer’s profile to offer a more customized discourse in front of what they need, leading to the approximation and making the conversation less mechanical.

The user needs to have the perception of being unique so that their expectations can be fulfilled.

Keep a proactive team

Interaction is key to Customer Service, and the team needs to be proactive and prepared to not be waiting for the public to make its demands. Thus, a service with more attention is also trying to offer effective solutions by customization. The improvement of this understanding is a continuum to developing the necessary abilities and offering the best service. And also to solve problems and have product options even before the client offers themselves to buy something.



Ways to Give Digital Customer Service a Human Touch
Treat customers and employees as individuals:

Recognizing the unique qualities and contributions of both customers and employees is essential. Match employees’ personalities to roles that suit them best, allowing them to excel in their areas of strength. Empower employees to personalize their interactions with customers, adding a human touch and creating a more meaningful connection. By referencing customers’ purchase histories or previous cases, agents can foster a sense of familiarity and build a personalized relationship.

Keep agents accessible at all times:

While self-service options and chatbots have their benefits, many customers prefer knowing that human support is readily available if needed. Make sure that customers can easily connect with live agents on digital channels. Provide clear options in IVR menus and ensure that messaging platforms offer human assistance alongside automated responses. This accessibility reassures customers and demonstrates a commitment to their needs.

Always ask for feedback post-contact:

Show customers that their opinions matter by actively seeking their feedback after each service interaction. Send surveys through the same communication channel to make it convenient for customers to provide their insights. In addition to multiple-choice questions, include free-response options to encourage detailed comments. By actively listening to customer feedback, you can maintain an ongoing dialogue and continuously improve your services.

Offer personalized recommendations:

Personalized recommendations demonstrate that your brand values and understands each customer’s unique preferences. Leverage customer data and insights to offer tailored suggestions that align with their interests and needs. This approach saves customers time by presenting them with relevant options, rather than bombarding them with generic marketing messages. By delivering personalized recommendations, you show a genuine dedication to helping customers find what they want.

Engage customers proactively:

Instead of waiting for customers to reach out, take a proactive approach to engage them. Initiate conversations on social media platforms, asking for their input and opinions. Encourage customer participation and involvement in your campaigns, such as through fan competitions or interactive content. By getting to know your customers in creative ways, you build stronger relationships and create a sense of community. This approach not only showcases the human side of your brand but also fosters long-term customer satisfaction.


In The End

Humanizing cx with ziwo

ZIWO’s cloud contact center prioritizes humanizing customer interactions and adding a genuine human touch to every engagement. By using ZIWO’s cutting-edge technology and features, businesses can create meaningful connections with customers, infusing warmth, empathy, and personalized care into every conversation. ZIWO enables organizations to go beyond standard communication and build authentic relationships, elevating customer experiences through the power of human connection.

The journey towards humanizing customer experience doesn’t end here. It requires also ongoing commitment and continuous improvement. Companies must consistently adapt and refine their strategies to stay attuned to evolving customer expectations. By embracing Customer Loyalty
this human touch, businesses can foster an environment where open communication thrives, feedback is welcomed, and customer insights shape the future of their products and services.

So, book a Free Demo with ZIWO, and let’s strive together to humanize the customer experience, one meaningful interaction at a time!


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