Published the Mar 22, 2021

What is Click to Call and How Is It Important to Customer Experience?

Changing customer experience dynamics needs your business to keep up. With features like click to call/ click to dial to be on the top

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Click To Call Definition

The definition of click-to-call which is sometimes called click-to-talk or click-to-dial refers to a mode of digital communication when:

  • Customer Support Agent clicks the name or phone number of a client within a CRM for automatic dialing in real-time. Inside the CRM, agents click the name or number of a client for automatic dialing. 
  • The customer is trying to reach a Company Representative and calls directly by clicking a link.

It intends to help save time by ensuring that agents or customers don’t have to manually enter business phone numbers into their phones in order to make a phone number.

Before the advent of voice options, most contact centers depended upon the caller’s location to assign them an agent. For instance, a customer dialing from Dubai was connected to the nearest contact center location.

As voice options have become increasingly ubiquitous, dialers can choose the correct department themselves by selecting options numerically, such as order status inquiry or ‘report grievance’. However, voice options are not the most popular choice among customers, and hence there was a better way devised to connect a caller to the correct executive. The click-to-call/ click to dial buttons enable contact centers of businesses to match calls to the said agent.

Benefits of Click to Call: Why Is It Important For Your Business?

  • Increases productivity of your agents:

    Click to call when used as a CRM integration feature with Call Centers , provides instant assistance and greater efficiency for your customer support agents. 

    • Contact center agents rely on the speed of the click to call feature within a platform or CRM solution to help reach out to customers and address their grievances at the earliest. 
    • This also helps to increase the customer satisfaction score, which ultimately benefits the business.


  • Customer Data Protection:

    Click to Call feature helps to keep the details of the prospects or clients private thereby maintaining confidentiality which in turn helps customers gain more trust in your solution thereby increasing the positive Customer lifetime value and preventing data leaks.


  • Effective Quality Control:

    Having this feature integrated with the CRM and other APPs helps Call Center Managers and Business Owners to track the efficiency and quality of all the business discussions, even if a contractor is managing the call. For instance, logistics and delivery partners can:

    • Access Call Recording Data within the platform
    • Route Calls to Agent Mobile phone for on-the-go availability
    • Use Call Tracking feature to determine the source of new prospects/leads
    • With Call Masking, can directly activate a call from your app to the Delivery Driver & the customer without showing the number


  • Maximizes online sales prospects:

    The primary aim of every business is to improve sales, and this is one of the benefits of click to call technology. The click to call API helps businesses by:

  • Giving website visitors to find a quicker and simpler way of reaching you.
  • Doing away with a consumer’s hesitation to conduct online transactions, thereby reducing abandoned cart rates.
  • Being available at any time of the day during the week.


These ensure that you don’t miss any sales prospects. Dialers can schedule their calls even after working hours. You will answer their calls planned, capture data by recording them, and retain such details.


Click to call makes it easier to access agents than emails and conventional methods of customer service. It also delivers a higher conversion rate; you can make sure that each call has a substantial potential for sales as its main objective is to capture serious inquiries. 


  • Promotes higher customer retention rates:

    Customer retention is a vital element for the growth of your business. A click to call API integration does the following for you:

  • Presents the human face behind your business, bringing in the element of relatability and empathy.
  • Enables customers to reach you on their terms and at their convenience, without facing delays.
  • Provides informed services by executives who are familiar with the caller’s details.


  • Improves online marketing:

    With the click to call function, a business can:

  • Captures customer intelligence through a diligently designed response form.
  • Can identify any type of campaign, promotion and sales strategies that will provide the best conversion rates.
  • Reveals the web pages that prompt the most number of inquiries and also generate the most significant sales.
  • Captures client data for record-keeping, analysis and future projections.


With the help of such information, you can route calls to the most appropriate executive.

According to statistics, 65% of customers are more likely to stay with a business that offers excellent customer service, even if they can find a better deal elsewhere. Most customers demand immediate access to knowledgeable agents. Click to call is the best demonstration to improve customer responsiveness towards the business.

  • Boosts the overall efficiency & effectiveness of a business:

    Click to call provides seamless cross-channel service, ensuring that even a low-cost web channel remains as effective as can be. Using management details, click to call function allows you to forecast and strategize your call handling provisions. This also assists in identifying the time periods when your call demand is at the peak. The click to call API provides 24-hour support and service operations by routing your locations to the most appropriate agent when offices close.

How does Click to Call Work?

Many applications allow customers to place a call via a button embedded on the webpage or an application. Many customer relationship management (CRM) software may offer integrations with click to call technology and some contact centers like ZIWO offer this feature embedded in the tool.

WordPress plug-ins and other standalone software also allow customers to use click to call. The key is to find a solution that can track data on each customer and sales representative. 

How ZIWO offers Click to call to Improve Customer Experience

Using click-to-call or click -to-dial to better understand in ZIWO, a popular customer relationship management software and web-based communication platform, allows representatives to be more efficient. To make the call, they must have the pre-call information pulled up already. 


Another benefit is that useful data such as the number of attempted calls, or call duration, are automatically recorded. Integration with a contact center system also facilitates automated reminders for a callback. Both the agents and customers can connect more swiftly and effectively with the click to call button.

If a contact center primarily uses internet-connected software such as ZIWO, click to call buttons can often integrate with this software. This eases (or eliminates) the need for a constant transition between a traditional phone line and the Internet-connected software.

Here are few scenarios of this feature with ZIWO for Delivery Services:

1. Click to Call from Mobile Agent App: Routes the call driver directly to the ZIWO app, which an agent can use to make a call. 2. Click to Call with a Roaming Agent: Routes the call driver on a roaming agent’s mobile device not working from their contact center office to call the customer as soon as the driver answers.

3. Click to Call and Mobile SDK integration: Relays the click to call action to the call driver on SDK in the app or calling the client when the driver answers.

4. When a Client Calls back: There are 3 available routes that you can take when a client calls back:

  • Your backend systems recognize and identify the client, its corresponding driver and a grasp whether the order has been delivered or not to take further action.
  • Calls the driver on the mobile (Number, ZIWO app or Your App) if an order is not delivered.
  • Calls the contact center or an IVR if the order is not delivered.


With changes in technology and modernization, customers’ expectations have also evolved, demanding instant access and quick resolution to their grievances or queries. With the click-to-call feature, contact centers can help their businesses generate more significant sales and provide stellar customer service, which is of prime importance in every industry. 

Click to call or click to dial, is a quick way to reach customers by directly clicking a phone number in a website, application or by clicking on a button that links to a phone number in the backend of the said website or application.

All calls made via ZIWO platform possess call recording features, statistics, and call masking; all integral to keep tabs on the contact center’s performance to improve overall customer experience.


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