What is Web CallBack functionality and how can it help your business?

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Web Callback’ is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology that paves the way for customers to request for callbacks from companies by entering their contact information on the latter’s website.

Ziwo, the cloud-based contact centre software company, makes it easy for developers to incorporate this feature on websites. Upon implementation, Ziwo’s W.B enables customers to request for a callback by entering their contact number on a form in the website. Ziwo will then initiate a call to the customer on behalf of the company, and connect the call to the contact center (as configured by developers). This creates a seamless flow of inbound and outbound calls from the customers, as well as the contact center, inbound meaning that customer initiates a call to the call center, and outbound call meaning that the call center agent initiates the call to the customer.



Web CallBacks improve a website’s responsiveness and at the same time help companies engage better with prospects through CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). Incorporating a Web CallBack, however, can be tricky, as configurations are often subjective to the specific customer requirements.


In general, Web CallBack Service can be implemented by:

Adding a callback() to the source code

The first step to the implementation of any Web CallBack is the addition of a callback function to the source code of the web service.

For this,

Step 1 :Right-click in your source code window

Step2: Select Insert > Callback

Now, the default callback interface with one callback method will be added to the source code. You can also add multiple callback methods to the web service. All these methods have to be configured separately. Parameters added to the callback method represent responses that are required to be sent to the client.

Now, for sending a response back to the client, it is necessary to

Part 1: Declare the callback interface (Insert > Callback)

Part 2: Invoke the appropriate callback() method based on the interface declaration

This is how Web CallBack methods are generally declared and invoked. Incorporating a Web CallBack, however, can be tricky, as configurations are often subjective to the specific customer requirements. Without the correct settings, the web service will not be able to connect customers with desired call center solution

This is where Ziwo’s WebCall Back Implementation Service can be a real asset for developers. Ziwo makes it really simple to add the callback() method to the source code and configure the right settings.

Learn More about Ziwo Web Call Back Informationhttps://www.ziwo.io/integration-developers/#auto-callback

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