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Call Center Reporting & Analytics

Call Center Reporting & Analytics enable managers to generate reports on customer satisfaction and performance with the aim to improve.

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Call Center Reporting & Analytics


All companies rely on data in almost every aspect of their business, including customer service. Therefore, it is important to have a complete and clear understanding of customer interactions with your business in order to maintain high-level and high-quality customer service. This requires accessing the appropriate reporting & analytics, and this is where customer service reports come into play.

What are Call Center Customer Service Reports?

Given that many areas of business, including customer service, now rely on data, customer service reports have become necessary for all companies. Customer service reports provide companies with a comprehensive overview of all customer service requests. Consequently, this enables them to:

What are Call Center Customer Service ReportsCall centers use advanced reporting & analytics to evaluate and assess agent performance, considering the viewpoints of customers, employees, and management. Each perspective offers unique benefits, collectively providing a holistic comprehension of call center performance. To select the most suitable call center analytics system, identify the specific aspect of your business that requires improvement and explore how analytics can contribute to that goal, and they work to improve the customer experience by:

-Providing valuable insights into customer preferences, activities, and behaviors when interacting with businesses.

-Identifying issues such as long wait times, staff shortages, low first-call resolution rates, and more.

-Evaluating the performance of customer service representatives and identifying areas for focus in their training.

-Creating or redesigning better self-service solutions for customers.

-Providing a clear picture of the customer experience and identifying weak points and core strengths.

While call center analytics certainly work to improve internal reporting, its primary goal is to provide actionable insights that lead to better decision-making and improvements, a deeper understanding of customers, and improvement of business processes by addressing problems indicated by the data.

Real-time activity alerts and notifications help supervisors respond immediately to unexpected issues before they spiral out of control. Custom software and dashboards can be used to automate data collection, analysis, customization, and consolidation into easily accessible reports, giving you insights into key performance indicators in detail, such as average talk time, the time between calls, first-call resolution, and call cost.

Data from multiple sources and communication channels are used, including:
Voice call recordings icon

Voice call recordings

Chat History
Chat history

Call logs
Call logs

CRM softwares iconCRM software

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems

Customer surveys icon
Customer surveys


Examples of Call Center Reports

There are many different types of call center reports that can be used to track and analyze different aspects of call center operations and performance. Some common types of call center reports include:

Performance Reports:

تقارير الأداء في مركز الاتصال
These reports track the performance level of your call center employees. Whether they are slacking off, excelling in their work, or performing exceptionally well and deserving of rewards, getting detailed data is critical for their development.


The only way to gain this visibility is through exporting call reports and analyzing the data, including user activity reports, statistical reports, average talk time, and call distribution.

Customer Satisfaction Reports:

تقارير رضا العملاء في مركز الاتصال
These reports track customer satisfaction with the call center, including data on average wait time and the percentage of calls resolved to customer satisfaction.

Abandoned Call Reports:

تقارير المكالمات المهملة
The reports track data on the number of abandoned calls (calls disconnected before being answered by an agent) and the average wait time for abandoned calls.

Service Level Reports:

تقارير مستوى الخدمة
These reports track the percentage of calls answered within a specified timeframe (e.g., within 20 seconds) as well as the average speed of answers for all calls.

Scheduling Reports

These reports provide data on call volume, quantity, and employee behavior. As a result, they assist call centers in adequately staffing and scheduling to meet demand.

Quality of Service Reports

These reports evaluate the quality of agent interactions with customers, including data related to compliance with all standards, tone of voice, and other metrics. It’s important not only to know if individual agents are performing well but also how they work as a team. If a customer receives poor service, they won’t blame the agents; instead, they will blame your company. Therefore, it is important for you to know if your customers are receiving the exceptional service you promised.


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