Published the Apr 26, 2022

Why CRM is Important For Every Business?

CRM benefits the efficiency of the sales and each employee without significant financial investments and It is important for every business.

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CRM or (Customer Relationship Management) is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes nowadays, and In this article, we will not only answer the question of what is a CRM system but also explain who can use CRM and what benefits your business can get from it.

What is CRM?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is software that allows companies to manage their relationships with potential and existing customers. In other words, CRM is a kind of storehouse of all contacts and customer data of the company. The biggest benefits of a CRM system go to sales and marketing departments and they use it to speed up the sales process and close more deals.

CRM For Business

CRM for business


Once upon a time, people were convinced that the CRM system can make life easier only for sales representatives and is used directly by sales managers. Today, everything is completely different.

A modern CRM system is a universal software that can optimize many business processes and improve the performance of more than one department. In order not to idle talk, I propose to cite several teams within the company as an example that can use CRM to their advantage.


Few Examples of Businesses Using CRM to Improve Their Work:

  • Sales Teams can build a sales funnel and manage it effectively. Sales leaders can analyze team performance by generating reports and also forecasting future sales.


  • Marketing Departments can segment the audience and send them personalized emails and offers. They can align their activities with the sales team, automate email chains, and nurture leads.


  • Customer Service/Support Teams use CRM to store the history of customer communications. Thanks to the CRM system, every detail of every interaction is reachable. This way, no matter who on the team takes on the current case, they will always be aware of the situation and be able to quickly resolve the issue.


  • Companies Management can use the data in the CRM system to make more informed decisions about business strategy, product development, new markets, troubleshooting, and much more.

What are The Benefits of a CRM?

CRM is a powerful business management tool, and there are many benefits of a CRM  to your business. Without going into details about the individual features that various CRM systems have, we have compiled a list of the main advantages and benefits of CRM:

Better Customer Knowledge

Benefits of a CRM?

As simple as it sounds, the fact that all information about each contact is stored in one place makes CRM a great tool for organizing communications. In essence, a CRM system gives your sales, marketing, and customer service teams a competitive edge.

Thanks to this tool, they know not only the full name of the contact, email address, and phone number, but also such important details as the position of the contact in the company, features that allow you to close deals better and faster, and much more.

Personalized Customer Experience

Benefits of a CRM?

Nobody wants to deal with a faceless crowd; give everyone the target audience and nothing more. But not everyone understands that in order to receive such a bonus, the company will have to try hard.
To increase the effectiveness of your message, you need to make your impact on the audience more targeted and personalized. ​​When you have a good idea of who you’re talking to, you can cleverly juggle the terms of your sales pitch and easily turn it into one you can’t refuse.

Better & Faster Responses

Benefits of a CRM?

With competition rampant in almost every industry, keeping a customer waiting for a response is really harming your business. Delaying the answer, you are at risk of losing a client. A CRM system saves you and your customers time, so you can receive notifications every time a new contact gets into the database; set up automatic welcome messages; use email templates to maximize response speed.

Increasing Sales

Benefits of a CRM?
CRM will help you streamline your sales process, build a sales funnel, automate key tasks, and centrally analyze all sales data. Together, all of the above factors can have a positive effect on sales volumes and the overall performance of a team.

Why Does Every Business Need a CRM?

CRM is responsible for solving a whole chain of tasks that most companies face every day.

crm solution

Organizing Contacts Database

Data organization is the organization and storage of data about companies, contacts, or deals that your business deals with.  However, the structure of the data is extremely critical to any business, especially when you are at the very beginning of your thorny path.

Only by putting everything in its place, collecting all the data necessary for personalizing communications, and establishing processes, you can count on the successful closing of transactions. Yet, clean, structured data is at the heart of any business because it is they that allow you to standardize and optimize sales processes and simplify work.

Generate Leads

There is a direct relationship between the organization of the lead generation process and the leads that enter the sales funnel: the better you structure the lead generation process, the better the leads will get into your database. Here are a few examples of how a robust CRM solution can help streamline and optimize lead generation across multiple sources…

Multi-Channel Ticketing

If someone sends you a WhatsApp, it is logical to assume that this someone already knows about the existence of your company and could potentially be interested in buying your product or services. However, as the flow of WhatsApp messages increases, adding and organizing contacts in the database becomes more and more difficult.

With the help of a CRM system integrated with WhatsApp for example, you can create a client card from an incoming WhatsApp text in one click, automatically providing it with all known data. This applies to all channels including voice calls, social media, SMS, etc.

Build Better Relationships with Customers

By gaining the trust of customers, you increase their loyalty and turn regular customers into brand advocates. But building quality relationships is hard when you have hundreds or thousands of customers. You need tools to help you do this. Clearly, CRM and a cloud contact center can improve your relationships with leads and customers.

-You can automate and set up processes for congratulating customers and leads on important anniversaries or holidays.

-Help you store the entire history of communication with leads and customers.

-You will be aware of what is happening, regardless of who is currently working with this contact.
It improves customer satisfaction by reducing response time and improving the quality of customer support.

-CRM increases the percentage of customer retention. Automated workflows never leave the client unattended, providing assistance at the most appropriate time.

Sales & Reporting

The benefits of CRM include increased sales, detailed analytics, automated sales reports, and better customer retention. Here we will be focusing on sales and reporting. Take a look at the below points:

sales and reporting

Identifies and eliminates bottlenecks in the sales funnel.

Detects trends and identifies patterns in specific impact areas.

Standardizes business processes.

Evaluates sales and business performance.

Keeps track of activities occurring in your company’s income.

Motivates your sales team to improve their performance.

Helps close more deals.CRM Systems can generate a wide range of reports such as:

sales and reporting

Sales funnel report: How to expand sales opportunities.
General sales report: The sum of all transactions closed for a certain period.
Customer sales report: See what customers you are selling to.
Sales report by the manager: The amount of income that each sales manager brings.
Sales cycle report: How long does it take you on average to close a deal?
Lost profit report: Common causes of lead and customer churn.
Top lead source report: How well each marketing source generates leads.

Automation & Integrations

crm for automation

CRM systems automate a number of tasks and processes—such as manual data entry and data enrichment -allowing employees to focus more on what’s important and on profitable tasks.

Integrating your CRM with other tools makes your job so much easier! Ideally, your CRM should serve as the center of all of your sales, customer service, or support activities, also there are many integrations that serve as the supporting cast making your central software even more powerful such as ZIWO integration! There are many benefits of a CRM! It enables any team to engage more with clients and help them focus on their customer support tasks, sales, and also that it includes any other interaction with customers through voice calls, WhatsApp, or even SMS.

Agents don’t have to login or navigate multiple interfaces anymore, now they can stay on their preferred app while ZIWO acts behind the scenes!


You can integrate ZIWO cloud-based phone system with any CRM! Its multiple Integrations can enable teams to engage through any CRM, and more effectively with clients. Not only that, but it also can help them focus on their customer support tasks, sales, and any other interaction with customers. Agents don’t have to login or navigate multiple interfaces anymore, now they can stay on their preferred app while ZIWO acts behind the scenes!https://www.ziwo.io/salesforce-crm-customer-relationship-management




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