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How WhatsApp for Business Can Enhance CX and Optimize Contact Center Performance?

Gone are the days when people utilized only telephonic conversations or e-mails to connect and take subsequent meet-ups from their clients. One of the most crucial tools that have changed connectivity and brought the digital revolution globally is WhatsApp. The  WhatsApp for Business at present has a base of more than 2 billion users across the world and the numbers continue to rise.


Apart from the basic features like those of Instant Text, Media exchange, Voice notes, WhatsApp Web, Location sharing, and Video /Voice call, WhatsApp has become a  boon for businesses. This integrated version provides insights and facilitates business perspective conversations. This has made WhatsApp an indispensable tool for customer satisfaction and a powerful strategy to maximize sales.

Why provide Customer Support through WhatsApp?

Along with the conventional channels like those of e-mail, SMS, or telephone, WhatsApp has emerged as a game-changing tool for customer support due to the ease with which it can be operated.

It was difficult to sort chats initially but in August 2018, the company finally announced the release of its APIs to the general public. The primary point was to allow companies to integrate this channel into their customer service and simultaneously be able to send transactional messages regarding boarding pass, invoice, password reset, etc.

Integrating WhatsApp for business provides several benefits that are specially targeted for better communication between business officials and clients by providing quick responses. With several features for effective communication coupled with a very simple UI, which is fast and easy to use makes it more desirable, Additionally, it has a regular cloud backup to store all the information. With Ziwo, when your customer starts chatting via WhatsApp, you can instantly collect a range of information that is otherwise extracted with great difficulty.

WhatsApp Use Cases

We can use this integration with WhatsApp for greater productivity in many sectors today.

Telecom Sector

WhatsApp has the potential to revolutionize the Telecom sector. It can cater to a range of telecom services. From mobile network companies to call centers, all customer care services can be improved to a great extent.

Company:XYZ, a global telecommunications conglomerate


  • Delayed response of the service representatives to the service request or query raised by customers over emails
  • Inability to track and create a filtered database of all the customers
  • Ineffective business strategies to retain customers
  • Targeting potential customers and informing them of the latest schemes


  • Providing personal messaging to customers and resolving their queries instantly.
  • Maintaining a record of insights and patterns of every lead, from the time they are free and the length of the conversation becomes easy.
  • Prioritizing and efficient working of the overall process of follow-ups becomes easy.

As evident from the above example, the benefits of WhatsApp Integration in the telecom sector are many, some of which are also listed below:

  • Direct Conversation: One to one conversation with the customer makes the conversation most efficient
  • Acknowledgment: The telecom company can easily track when the recipient has read the message.
  • Multimedia: Responses can be shared using GIFs, images, attachments or any other form that facilitates communication.
  • Log Activities: Maintaining a record of the activities and sorting it on the basis of their status -New, Open, Closed, becomes easy.
  • Insights: Tracking the information and coming to useful conclusions is important for targeting more customers, which is enabled by WhatsApp integration.
  • Prioritize: The collected information helps to keep track and prioritize requests from customers.

Retail sector

WhatsApp enables direct coordination between the customer and the company which provides for smooth and seamless user experience.

Company: ABC, a gulf manufacturer of smartphones and accessories


  • Optimizing the process of email hierarchies for every customer inquiry
  • Inability to compare products without the right media
  • No direct communication regarding tailored schemes


  • Customers raise requests regarding product specifications, which are easily catered to by instantly engaging in any kind of correspondence – by sending pictures, texts, or calls.
  • With the direct communication being made possible, there is no hassle of telephonic calls or bundling up of emails for the same inquiry.
  • Information about customer requests can be collected and processed accordingly.
  • Under the process level operations, the media sharing of the products or services is possible which improves customer satisfaction.


Banking sector

WhatsApp integration acts as a go-to tool for the customer to have a better understanding of the required policies as there is a cluster of policies available on bank websites that are difficult to sort.

Company: UVW Bank, a multinational banking corporation


  • Enormous information present on the websites due to which relevant features get missed out
  • The status of policies like the pending EMIs, payment due date, etc, is not regularly communicated.


  • Customers can be provided with filtered, precise information that fast tracks their decision making.
  • If some information remains uncommunicated from the employee end, he can WhatsApp it to the customer which saves time, money, and energy.
  • Customer status for the policies can be tracked and the reminders can be sent accordingly.

Travel Industry

Company: Aeromexico, Mexico based Airline Services


  • Informing customers about last moment schedule changes to avoid inconvenience.


  • Real-time updates can be sent personally
  • In case of any doubt, customers can inquire further immediately.


What are the features provided in WhatsApp for Ziwo?

Ziwo helps you reach your customers directly on WhatsApp & resolve queries immediately. It eases customer assistance by providing several features.

1. Locate a contact

With the Search feature, you can find the desired customer contact from the call/chat history to connect or provide relevant information to him/her.

2. Media Exchange

Your customer may require data in the form of various media. With Ziwo, you can exchange different types of files including PDF, DOC, XSLS, IMAGE, VIDEO, and AUDIO that can be easily sent as attachments.

3. Live KPIs

Insights play an important role in the analysis of activities and communication done over time with the customers. These KPIs include statistics on parameters like:

  • Total WhatsApp conversation
  • Average response time
  • Total number of agents involved
  • Average resolution time
  • Average conversation per agent, etc.
WhatsApp for Business
WhatsApp for Business

4. Calls & Conversation History

You can check the conversation history of any specific client. Agents can directly send or receive calls from within their interface.

5. Call Stack

In the case of Attended transfer, the number on hold will be displayed in the call stack so that you are informed of the customers that are awaiting your response.

6. Several additional features like clear and responsive UI

With few more additional features like a dialer card, Ziwo’s WhatsApp integration has a very appealing UI that facilitates reaching customers directly on WhatsApp in a manner that is both fast and efficient.

How to Enable WhatsApp for Ziwo?

Enabling WhatsApp to enhance your customer experience is an easy four-step process.

1. Configure WhatsApp integration.

2. Your agent will receive a message from a new or existing contact.

3. Exchange WhatsApp Messages via our user-friendly Conversations interface.

4. If no further action is required, the WhatsApp conversation is closed automatically.

Ziwo manages a large volume of chats effectively. This creates an opportunity to take advantage of WhatsApp Business APIs and manage customer requests. If you want to reflect your customer experience of using WhatsApp for your sales and support teams, Ziwo tailors the functions according to your needs.

Choose the right partner. take a look at Ziwo and feel free to connect with us.

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