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Call Tracking: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Call tracking helps in determining how callers found your business & through which channel. You can measure the effectiveness of the campaigns

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Call tracking feature - Commonly missunderstood

If you have never heard of the term “Call Tracking” before, then, you might think it is some kind of a tool that allows parents to watch their child’s behavior or monitor his/her phone calls or SMS feature, but that’s definitely not the case here.

Call Tracking is a feature that defines the source of the call, also it is considered an SMS feature. In other words, it allows you to know whether the call came from the offline or online channel, in addition, to which exact channel it came from precisely. For this reason, It is very beneficial for companies as it gives them a chance to significantly reduce their marketing budget and call costs based on the results.

Many of customers feel more comfortable contacting businesses by phone; that’s why business owners must make sure they provide their staff with phone devices, so anytime a customer calls during business hours there’s someone there to pick up the phone.

Call Tracking Definition

Call tracking in marketing campaigns
findout the most effective channel


Call Tracking is a feature that helps you in the process of determining how the callers found your business, and through which channel. It’s absolutely a necessary tool for companies to allocate their advertising budget as efficiently as possible.

This feature provided by Ziwo Contact Center Solution determines where the client is calling you from (search engine, marketing campaign, offline advertising). so you can find out which channels are performing well, at the same time; it allows you to allocate your budget as efficiently as possible.

Also, this feature works perfectly with Call Masking feature, to connect customers and external partners without revealing the caller, as well as receiver’s phone number, substituting those with one of your own, usually your contact center’s main contact.

Types of Call Tracking

static & dynamic
static & dynamic tracking

1. Static Call Tracking

In static call tracking, companies assign each phone number to a specific source, which records the number of calls. The source can be any advertising campaigns such as websites, street billboards, google social media ads, etc. A separate phone number for each source. Thus, it becomes very easy to track which source brings the most hits. 

Commonly used in:

Most often – in offline advertising (Printed media, Banners, Street billboards), not only that but also sometimes companies use it in online advertising, and that’s only when there is no need to check the effectiveness of each channel.

2. Dynamic call tracking

In Dynamic Call Tracking, It assigns an individual number to each site visitor for 15-20 minutes, while it allows you to analyze calls and text from each visitor and collect information about their behavior and key queries from which they went to the site. Precisely identifies the advertising source, shows UTM codes, and the source page of the call. The procedure for assigning phone numbers to web pages is known as Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

Commonly used in:

Where it is necessary to have deep analytics for (end-to-end) advertising.


– Detailed information about each request with an accuracy of the keyword and the client’s click history.

– Provides you with a clear portrait of the client’s journey to your business.

-Understanding the sales funnel charts

– Ready data for business intelligence and analytics

– A complete picture of customer interactions with your company when integrating to CRM.

– Personalized approach: Service automation and optimization

– Set up call segmentation based on call tracking data. This will allow you to route calls and make customized offers to customers.

– Assign certain categories (tags) to calls from ads: This will allow you to reject inappropriate customers and highlight those to whom you can sell a product or service.

– Turn on voice greetings or “readout” to the callers any texts (for example, customer order statuses or personal offers), and that’s depending on the source of the link to the site.

– It provides you with a tool to find out which keyword generated the call.

– Investigate which digital advertising channels are worth the investment.

– Other useful information that helps shape the marketing strategy of your business.

-Identification of customer information, understanding of the target audience

-Measuring the effectiveness of online and offline marketing campaigns

-Identifying effective marketing channels that generate the most incoming calls and text

-Evaluating conversion rates and marketing ROI

-Great option to find ways to attract potential customers. The functions of recording and decoding calls in the call tracking system make it possible to analyze the needs and behavior of customers, on the basis of which they form and adjust marketing strategies.

-Improving the quality of customer service.

SMS Feature

Call Tracking includes a very critical feature for businesses, Obviously, which is Transactional SMS messages! These SMS texts are service messages that are sent to inform the customer about the status of an order, payment, invoice, delivery of goods, etc. Of course, they are also used to send a confirmation code when registering on a website or an application.

In addition, this SMS Feature keeps the client always aware of what is happening, what will happen next, and what to do if something goes wrong. If you do not send transactional SMS, then the client may not understand whether it was possible to place an order, book tickets, or pay for a purchase..etc. Therefore, sending call tracking SMS has become the main standard for everyone who does business online or even offline.

SMS Feature in call Tracking

Uses of SMS Feature:

This feature is used for a wide array of purposes such as order confirmation or purchase, expression of gratitude to the client for placing an order, and messages to inform clients that their request has been accepted. Moreover, In case the ordered product is out of stock, then the customer will receive an apology for the inconvenience and will be assured that the order will be processed as quickly as possible.

call tracker


The above case is for a real estate company, where the SMS feature is used to provide the agent with the caller’s details including his phone number and the time of the missed call. Not only that but also can track the reference number of the advertisement about which the customer is inquiring about.

call tracker


There is an unlimited number of scenarios where companies use the SMS feature. They use them also to inform clients about the cancellation of a completed order, or to provide them with information about their delivery, the Arrival of a taxi, or when ordering goods for self-pickup!

Who Can Use It?

All industries can use Call tracking in any field, no matter what size is the company.  Many industries can use it including marketing, the food industry, travel agencies, real estate, healthcare, automotive, and many more.

For more details about this feature and more, please contact us via: info@ziwo.io

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