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What is Call Whispering and Why Call Whispering is Important for Businesses

Call Whispering is a feature that allows admins to listen to calls between agent and customer, Whisper to agent without the customer knowing

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what is call whispering?

What is Call Whispering? 

Call Whispering is a feature that allows admin users to listen to calls between agents and customers, Whisper something in the agent’s ear without the customer’s knowledge, and even join the call and take action to resolve customer queries immediately. This feature helps companies provide their clients with great customer service, which is nowadays considered as a cornerstone to bring success to any business.

Whispering to agent during a call

Still not clear? Okay..here is a way to simplify it

Imagine a newly hired call center agent who is young and not quite qualified, but he is trying to be better in his new job. He spends hours and hours in training sessions, he watches videos of how to speak to the customers, handles their complaints, upsells, overcoming objections, and he tries to imitate them and repeat back what he hears on a daily basis. Still, his performance stats aren’t where they should be!

But, when someone experienced starts coaching him, working with him; hear him while he’s on a call with a customer; then he can guide him, and show him specific techniques that he can use to correct it, then he will be able to make a significant improvement to perform in excellence. It’s a win-win situation for the staff, the customer, and the company as well! The call whispering feature is the solution to meet the company’s expectations, coach the call agents, and create a positive, and lasting relationship with the clients.

Helping agents with call whispering

What are the 3 Modes of Call Whispering Feature?

The greatest advantage of ZIWO Cloud Call Center Software, is the ability to be set up anywhere and everywhere, and that applies to all features too, so the admin users will be able to take advantage of the Call Whispering feature on the go, be it at the office, in a mall, or anywhere else. Below are the 3 Modes for the Call Whispering feature:

1. Listening To Calls/ Call Monitoring

listening & call monitoring

The feature of Listening to Calls, or what’s commonly known as Live Call Monitoring, gives the admins ability to attend and monitor calls, hear the conversation between the agent and the client to get an insight into how the call agents are handling their calls. This mode provides the admin with some valuable insights into the agent’s status, previous logs, and the duration of the current call received or dialed. It is easy to access and will help new and in-training call center agents understand where they can improve. This mode is a very important way for a business to enhance its approach to continuously optimize the customer experience. The Call Monitoring feature is a very beneficial and important tool to make sure that agents are serving clients in the best possible way.

2. Whisper To Agent




one of the common challenges that call centers usually face is providing support to agents during a call without compromising the quality of service provided. On the other hand, newly hired staff lose their motivation and confidence due to lack of information and orientation, even sometimes they have no choice but to end the call and follow up once they have more information, sometimes they even leave people hanging on hold!

This is why ZIWO provides admin users with “Whisper To Agent” mode, so they can simply Whisper to the agents and provide them with the help needed while the client is still on the line. It is essential to note that only the agent will hear the admin’s whispers, so the client can’t hear the whispers at all! It’s a great way to coach and support call agents individually without embarrassing them. Call Whispering empowers employees to solve problems with the help of the admins, it reduces the agent’s anxiety, stress, and uncertainty during calls.

3. Join the Call

Join call mode

While listening to the call, admins can use this mode to join the call whenever they feel it’s necessary. They can speak directly to the clients and handle their requests, answer their queries, solve their problems, also take action immediately to solve them on the first call. In other words, this mode provides the admins with easy access to join high-priority or important calls to help agents find practical solutions for stressful scenarios thereby improving the company’s SLA & FCR metrics. Moreover, it helps in reducing the Average Handle time AHT and saves the client’s time.

Why Call Whispering is essential to every successful business?

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the major benefits that you should consider and ensure your business succeeds. The list is based on hundreds of experiences of ZIWO Cloud Call Center who have vouched for their usefulness.

  • Maximizing sales and profit by enhancing sales approach and strategies
  • Increasing customer satisfaction scores on feedback options such as surveys and ratings
  •  Providing more coaching opportunities, and taking corrective action
  • Supplying agents with valuable information by whispering to their ears during live-call scenarios and helping them use correct on-brand language and terms..
  • Help agents through difficult situations, especially when clients become angry or aggressive and supply them with great strategies on how to handle difficult situations.
  • Identify behaviors that make an agent’s performance good, and behaviors that cripple the agent’s productivity.
  • Call Whispering supports the sales objective of making sure customers are happy
  • Making a good first impression and creating a positive and lasting relationship with the clients -Monitoring calls progress and coaching staff to cultivate the knowledge and skills to provide excellent service to customers.


The Call Whispering feature is on the rise every day, and it doesn’t take too long to see why! Moreover, companies recognize the benefits of ZIWO’s Call Whispering feature, and they see the feature’s impacts on their customers and their productivity.

If you have any questions about how to effectively benefit from the Call Whispering feature for your business, or how to use this feature, please watch the below video or contact us today to help you out.

Call Whispering Feature 


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