Published the Oct 20, 2021

Why Omnichannel Is Important?

Ziwo Cloud Contact Center Provides Companies with consistent and improved Omnichannel Customer Experience thats Integrated Into all channels

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The benefits of omnichannel
The Importance Of Omnichannel
Why Omnichannel is Important
What is omnichannel and why is it important
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Omnichannel at Ziwo
Omnichannel & Ziwo

A customer’s road to or using a service or buying a product today revolves around multiple channels and Omnichannel experience more than any time it did in the past.  In addition, customers are dictating how and when they engage with your business. They may connect in person, on your website, by telephone, on WhatsApp, or via an SMS text. Also, they can do so with multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers.

How To Improve Omnichannel Experience?

Nowadays, It is very critical to provide clients with what they want, and where they want it! This is why Ziwo offers its Omnichannel technology to companies, so they can be able to provide their customers with convenient, cost-effective, and predictive services.

Ziwo Cloud Contact Center provides assistance to companies for the purpose of organizing interactions with their customers via multiple channels in a way that allows the customers to seamlessly switch backward and forward across all different channels, alongside phone, website, WhatsApp, and more.

Omnichannel and Customer Expectations

customer expectations
Omnichannel & customer expectations

Customers expect a consistent experience across all service channels, not only this but also, they expect the interaction history to be available at every channel. That’s why the omnichannel approach provided by Ziwo addresses all expectations of customers. In other words, Ziwo considers any business through the eyes of their customers, and Ziwo implements that by organizing the customer experience across all channels so that it’s seamless, integrated, powerful, and consistent.

Why Ziwo For A Successful Omnichannel Approach?

The benefits of omnichannel
The benefits of omnichannel

Developing Integrated Customer Experiences

Ziwo Cloud Contact Center provides customers with a multichannel customer experience, and as a result, that experience will be available on all the channels and in any given customer journey, including mobile device, laptop, desktop, etc. As a matter of fact, everyone considers the term “Omni-channel” as customer-centric approach that aims to deliver value to customers through improved and more consistent interactions.

For instance, if someone sends a WhatsApp text to inquire about a product or a service and later, calls to follow-up, he would expect the agent to be aware of his inquiry. Companies can use Ziwo platform to solve problems and create a more customer-centric omnichannel experience. With one single customer view to work from, companies can overcome issues and engage in a better way with customers by knowing their identity and their needs.

Consistent Approach

When companies decide to create an omnichannel customer experience, they encounter many challenges like not measuring the right KPIs, or lack of unified omnichannel customer data, and the need for better personalization across channels.

Increasing Efficiency

With the increasing pressure on contact centers, Ziwo omnichannel cloud-based solution provides an instant resolution to increasing efficiency, while delivering a powerful end-to-end solution, which you can customize to meet the specific needs of your company.

Improved Customer Retention

Personalizing customer journeys in all channels via an effective omnichannel strategy can turn them into loyal and regular customers. Not only that, but this can also convert them into repeated ones.

Better operational efficiency as an omnichannel benefit.

An omnichannel strategy entails connecting all marketing channels, business departments, and customer touchpoints into a single unified ecosystem. This holistic approach results in improvements in the following areas:

Inventory management

Merchants supervise their inventory in all retail and storage locations in real-time and via a single system. This allows them to improve restock planning, anticipate customer demand and shopping trends, and ensure better overall inventory management.

Order fulfillment

Merchants have real-time access to order information, while customers can track their orders. Giving all participating parties access to order fulfillment information ensures orders are completed in the shortest amount of time, reduces the chance of friendly fraud, and enhances shopper safety.

Internal communication

In omnichannel, information is collected and stored in a single database that all departments can access. This database gives all employees a single and true source of information, making communication easy, efficient, and accurate.

External communication

Customers can choose from numerous options when they wish to communicate with a brand. While this is true for multi-channel as well, the benefit of omnichannel lies in channel connectivity. If a customer’s journey is interrupted for whatever reason, then can move to a different communication method to continue where they left off. Instead of losing a customer, the business retains them.

Human resource management

Omnichannel treats the customer experience as a system consisting of dozens of interconnected pieces. The same applies to the company. Employees achieve optimal performance because they understand how the ecosystem they are a part of works. In the case of human resource reallocation, employees require less additional training because they continue to use the information system they are used to.


Improved Omnichannel customer experience help companies in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as a matter of fact, this is why we recommend Ziwo, the Dubai-based omnichannel cloud contact center software that delivers an excellent customer experience to thousands of customers of all sizes around the world. not only that, but also it can be deployed and launched in a few minutes! With its local and international telecom partners, ZIWO also provides virtual phone numbers in any country in the world, allowing companies to reach new markets instantly.

By implementing this omnichannel cloud contact center, businesses can enhance the customer journey by delivering a more personalized and tailored interaction.


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