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The Power of WhatsApp Business with ZIWO Conversations

ZIWO Conversations is recognized as the premier WhatsApp Business Companion, elevating both customer experiences and team collaboration to a higher standard.

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WhatsApp-Business-with-ZIWO-Conversations-1In the realm of business, WhatsApp has transitioned from being a mere personal messaging app to an important instrument for enterprises worldwide. Almost every business has seamlessly integrated WhatsApp into their operations, seeking a solution that not only offers clients impeccable call quality but also grants them access to WhatsApp services. In this article, we will delve into the process of acquiring the coveted green verification tick and elucidate its advantages for your business. Additionally, we will explore the capabilities of ZIWO Conversations, and how linking it to your WhatsApp Business account can boost performance! We will take a look at this platform which is designed to enhance your daily interactions with clients through WhatsApp, along with voice capabilities and more capabilities.

Understanding the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification


The green tick on WhatsApp isn’t just a symbol; it’s a mark of verification. It signifies that the phone number belongs to an Official Business Account (OBA). But achieving this green badge is no simple task. It involves a rigorous verification process and meeting specific criteria set by WhatsApp. We’ll take a closer look at the requirements and steps that businesses must follow to earn the green tick and become an Official Business Account.


Before diving into the WhatsApp business account verification process, you must meet essential requirements. Here are four vital conditions for eligibility:

  • Understand WhatsApp’s policies and regulations.
  • Set up your WhatsApp Business Account.
  • Complete your business profile with all accurate information.
  • Stay active and engage with your customers.
  • Have the necessary documents ready.
  • Ensure compliance with privacy and regulations.
  • Monitor your account and be responsive daily.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Exercise patience during the verification process because sometimes it might take a little longer than you think.

How can ZIWO help you Manage your Official WhatsApp Business Account?

With ZIWO Conversations, you gain a unified platform for calls and WhatsApp, simplifying communication and reducing costs. Messages are efficiently routed to skilled agents, ensuring quick responses. You can transfer calls and WhatsApp messages, collaborate seamlessly, and provide exceptional customer service. Enhance lead management with Call and conversation Tagging, Adding Notes, and creating personalized connections with Conversation Status. ZIWO Conversations even offers free WhatsApp messaging, allowing effective customer communication and seamless file exchange.

Simplify Communication with ZIWO Conversations

With ZIWO Conversations, streamline your communication setup with a single platform for calls and WhatsApp. Say goodbye to the complexities and costs of managing multiple systems.


ZIWO allows you to adjust resources based on your specific needs, offering scalability without the burden of unnecessary features or extra staffing costs.

Enhance Lead Management


Elevate your lead management with Call & Conversation Tagging in ZIWO. Categorize and track vital calls and contacts using tags, ensuring organized communication, and never missing out on valuable leads.

Elevate Customer Experiences with Call Notes

Level up your client experience with ZIWO Call Notes. Capture and remember every detail, enabling the creation of personalized connections with your customers.

Effortless WhatsApp Communication for Agents

ZIWO empowers agents to send up to 4000 messages per month for free on WhatsApp, offering ample opportunities to effectively communicate with customers. Plus, agents can seamlessly exchange documents and files via WhatsApp, enhancing the overall communication experience.

At The End 

ZIWO Conversations is widely considered the best WhatsApp Business Companion! It’s a cloud contact center platform that aims to streamline and optimize customer service operations by integrating WhatsApp and voice calls under one roof, promoting knowledge sharing among agents, and facilitating customized customer experiences.

It can help businesses provide more efficient and effective support while gaining valuable insights into their customer interactions. It enables agents to engage with customers in a smooth and convenient way. This can lead to quicker response times and more personalized interactions, ultimately enhancing the overall customer service experience.

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