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What is Roaming Agent/ Remote Agent Feature?

Roaming Agent/ Remote Agent feature is a necessary tool that empowers businesses to serve their customers regardless of agent location

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roaming featureIn today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to optimize their operations and enhance customer service. The roaming agent feature is a feature that has gained significant traction in the concept of remote call center agents.

Whether a business is overseeing remote real estate sales agents, remote insurance agents, remote telesales, or remote agents for any type of business, there are many practices to keep in mind, but the most important thing is to make sure they have the continuity in unpredictable times, and having a good cloud contact center software can guarantee that.

In this article, we’ll walk through ZIWO’s roaming agent feature, and how it can elevate productivity.

What is Roaming Agent/ Remote Agent Feature?

Traditionally, call center agents take and make calls from a company office. Meanwhile, remote contact center agents make inbound or outbound calls from home, anywhere in the world.

The roaming agent feature equips your agent to make or take calls for the company via routing calls to the mobile phone irrespective of the location while maintaining all the standard features of call tracking, recording, call masking, etc.

ZIWO’s powerful system ensures uninterrupted continuity even in the case of a local disaster or facility interruption.

A Fusion of Technologies!

roaming agent/ Remote agent

The roaming agent feature represents a harmonious fusion of multiple technologies, seamlessly working to optimize call center operations. This comprehensive feature includes outbound calls, incoming calls facilitated by call forwarding, and intelligent routing mechanisms.

Inbound – Call Forwarding For a Seamless Connectivity

Call forwarding is a vital part of remote call center agents that ensures uninterrupted customer service. By forwarding calls to agents regardless of their physical location, businesses can maintain a seamless connection with their customers. This feature enables agents to receive calls on their smartphones, allowing them to address customer inquiries promptly and efficiently. Call forwarding eliminates the constraints of time zones or office hours, enabling businesses to extend their support to a global customer base, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Smart Routing for Efficient Call Handling

Effective call routing is a crucial aspect of remote call center operations. Through advanced routing algorithms, calls can be intelligently distributed among available agents based on various criteria such as agent availability, skillset, or customer preferences. This ensures that each call is directed to the most suitable agent, optimizing resource utilization and improving first-call resolution rates.

Remote call center agents can access detailed information about incoming calls, enabling them to provide personalized and efficient assistance. With intelligent call routing, businesses can streamline their call-handling processes, leading to reduced wait times and enhanced customer experiences.

Outbound Calls

Remote call center agents are equipped with this feature to make outbound calls, it involves proactive customer engagement, including sales calls, surveys, and follow-ups.

Remote agents can leverage their mobility to make outbound calls from any location, enhancing their reach and enabling businesses to maintain consistent communication with their customers.


The roaming agent feature allows businesses to adapt to modern customer service strategies and revolutionize the way they interact with their customers. Moreover, it empowers companies to provide seamless and efficient customer service, regardless of agent location.

By adopting ZIWO call center solutions, businesses can unlock numerous benefits, such as increased accessibility, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized resource utilization.

Furthermore, in an increasingly interconnected world, remote call center agents have become invaluable assets for organizations. They play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional customer experiences by providing efficient and seamless support services.


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