Published the Aug 28, 2023

Top 6 Myths About Remote Contact Center Agents

Discover the 6 myths about remote contact center agents, debunking prevailing misconceptions in the customer service industry.

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Discover the 6 myths surrounding remote contact center agent’s work in this article, debunking prevailing misconceptions in the customer service industry. This article sheds light on the truth, clarifying the realities of remote operations in customer service.

Myth #1

Remote work leads to decreased productivity and increased employee turnover.

Reality: Remote work can result in remarkable increases in productivity and employee retention rates.

A two-year study encompassing remote workers and individuals in traditional office settings produced astonishing findings. The weekly productivity surge observed among those working from home was equivalent to an entire day’s worth of work.

Furthermore, the same study revealed that employees based at home were 50% less likely to depart from the organization. It can be confidently stated that call centers need not be concerned about the productivity or retention of their remote workforce.

However, merely providing agents with headsets and hoping for productivity is insufficient. Establishing the technological infrastructure is vital for transforming this into reality. ZIWO Cloud-based software serves as a practical business strategy for ensuring remote call center agents are both productive and consistent.

This approach offers uniformity, equity, and assistance in the event of technical challenges – all essential elements for a successful remote contact center software.

Equally important is providing agents with appropriate tools to effectively manage and monitor their real-time analytics while working from home. ZIWO provides each agent with an intuitive individual dashboard. Day-to-day analytics alerts agents promptly if they veer off track and enables them to view their performance, promoting accountability. This cloud contact center tool provides supervisors with a sense of ease.


Myth #2

Remote work is only suitable for startups.

Reality: Employing a remote workforce is a great financial choice for nearly all companies.

There exists a prevalent misconception that remote work is primarily tailored for startup ventures due to their potential lack of resources to afford physical office spaces and hire local talent.

While this notion might hold true for certain startups, the recruitment of remote agents can also address challenges pertinent to more established organizations. Irrespective of a company’s level of establishment, the prospect of hiring remote employees proves advantageous, as it leads to reduced overhead expenses and facilitates the engagement of a more diverse workforce.


Myth #3:

Remote work programs harm company culture.

Reality: Remote work can actually nurture a positive company culture.

According to a 2019 report on the status of remote work, the practice is becoming a permanent fixture. When equipped with suitable technology, call centers aiming to stay competitive by offering remote work options need not compromise their culture.
Call centers can opt for techniques like performance management to encourage friendly competition and collaboration. Even when teams are physically apart, peer and team-based competition can foster unity.

By utilizing customizable agent profiles, companies can form a virtual community among remote contact center agents. They can ensure a continuous connection through messaging and chat modules, facilitating communication among agents and their supervisors.


Myth #4

Moving contact center agents to work from home is an expensive task, especially for sales and customer service teams.

Reality: While this might have been true in the past, the landscape has evolved.

An employee now only necessitates a computer or laptop with an internet connection to seamlessly transition from the office to their home. Upon logging into their personal account on the Cloud Contact Center software, the employee gains access to the complete working infrastructure. They can continue making and receiving calls, engage with colleagues through internal numbers, and operate within their familiar CRM.

Consequently, the shift to remote work can be executed swiftly – within a few minutes with ZIWO Software.


Myth #5

Remote work means less control over employee’s hours. There’s concern that they might start late, get distracted, and still get paid.

Reality: Managing in-office staff isn’t always easier!

Someone might be slacking off or browsing online. Strict monitoring can backfire and waste time.
A better way is subtle and continuous monitoring through daily statistics and call analytics. It helps managers understand workflow. Missed calls, their reasons, and work patterns are visible. Managers can even join real-time calls to assist employees with ZIWO.

Myth #6

Remote work negatively impacts call quality, making it hard to monitor.

Reality: Occasional call listening isn’t very effective, whether remote or in-office. However, conversation content control can be automated.

Call Tracking feature can help in monitoring employee engagement dynamics. Daily analysis and call recording lets you listen to a sample of calls, pinpoint weaknesses, and improve performance.

You can track specific agents, customer feedback, and how employees handle them. Automating routine tasks not only saves time (up to 80%) but also identifies growth areas for employees, regardless of their location – at home or in the office.


Remote Call Center Agent


The reality is, that challenges persist for contact center agents despite these myths. Undoubtedly, the benefits of remote work surpass its drawbacks. As the world embraces remote work, its permanence is clear. ZIWO Cloud Contact Center Solution facilitates smooth transitions between remote and office settings for agent teams, requiring only a laptop, headset, and internet connection.


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